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September 2014



Odds and Ends

A tale of two Eric Holders

Eric Holder Was Great on Drugs: Will his successor throw it all away? by Ethan Nadelmann. Holder’s Drug Policy Record is Much Weaker Than Many Believe by Eric Sterling.

I suspect that they’re both right, depending on where you place the comparative benchmarks.

The War on Drugs […]

Oh, Cliff… you’re so entertaining.

Haven’t had a bizarro anti-legalization post from Cliff Kincaid linked here in a while. I think you’ll find this one quite entertaining.

The Potheads in Our Dopey Media

A little early for Halloween

A ghoulish shade from the past has come forth to haunt us once again. Yes, it’s John P. Walters! [cue: cheesy scary music]

Former ‘drug czar’ warns against marijuana use

Walters, the former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy from 2001 to 2009, gave a presentation titled “Pot: Hot or […]

Open Thread

I’m playing the piano this week for a production of Noël Coward’s high-farce-comedy-of-manners Hay Fever at Illinois State University, and having a delightful time. Pre-show, intermission, and a few things directly involved in the show, playing music from the 1910’s and 1920’s. Kept me a bit busy.

I did get a chance to see […]

Police training fails

Aaron Malin has a rather disturbing article at Reason: Drug War Propaganda Counts as State Police Training

In Missouri, sworn law enforcement officers are required to take 48 credit hours of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) continuing education every three years. While some specific courses are required for all officers, such as mandatory firearms […]

Spoons and other absurdities

Drug paraphernalia is one of the truly absurd subplots of the drug war. Its mere existence seemed to infuriate prohibitionists and resulted in a hodge-podge of strange and hard-to-enforce laws.

I remember when Chicago Alderman Robert Fioretti tried to ban small baggies (I also remember him getting really pissed off when I satirized his reasons.)


Serving Size

Who decides what a serving size is? And are they talking about real people who actually eat food?

I’ve been reducing carbs in my diet and watching what I eat a bit. So I find myself checking those nutritional information labels. So often, I’ll look at the label and say “Oh, look — only 5 […]

Mary Jane in ‘Grease’

I have no idea if this ad is going to be effective (or for what audiences), but I enjoyed watching it. Yes on 2 (medical marijuana in Florida)

Consume Responsibly

Catchy ad from Marijuana Policy Project promoting their new Consume Responsibly campaign and website.

Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Reason.TV has a new piece: “Anal Probes Run Amok: Drug-Sniffing Dogs Must Be Stopped”