Consume Responsibly


Catchy ad from Marijuana Policy Project promoting their new Consume Responsibly campaign and website.

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  1. allan says:

    nice! talk about making the prohibs irrelevant… now let’s openly mock them (knowing it’s long been a tradition amongst this batch of couchous wwweb pirates)

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve noticed that AT&T ads now have a “don’t text and drive” tag, just like the liquor ads have a responsibility reminder. Getting used to the GOVERNMENT WARNING on bottles.

  3. darkcycle says:

    Well, they were right about the “You’ll spend your life on the couch” part. Just look at us. 🙂

    • allan says:





      • kaptinemo says:


        Allen, you’re not finished! You forgot to pick your nose! Ya gotta pick your nose, or the stereotype won’t fit! Everything has to fit!

        In an aside: Guess who ponderously waddled into the WaPo editorial? I don’t even have to give a name, do I? (snicker)

        The other commenters are getting a taste of LTosis for the first time, and it’s having the usual (intellectually nauseating) effect.

      • kaptinemo says:

        Sorry about misspelling your name; first experience with Sour Diesel and it’s sneaky. I almost always proofread before sending.

        Oh, and my faux admonition was to be delivered in a Pink Floyd The Wall ‘Teacher’ voice.

        Damn, this stuff is good.

        • allan says:

          🙂 I understand totally. A young and beautiful traveling model introduced me to Girl Scout Cookie Dough. Holy Thai sticks Batman! It has the smokey, oily and oh-so-flavorful aftertaste that I love in a good Kush. And while I did smoke it, it definitely smoked me. She also had me try it in a dab hit… dahYUMMM! I felt like the old “stoned again” poster.

          and re-reading with the Wall voice really makes it work Kap. Pretty good match on the metre there mate!

          Oh… you guys… my girls have been putting on their best make-up, getting some nice purples and oh my so sparkly I think I’m gonna just die waiting for them girls to cure. The single buds I pollinated on each plant have some be-ootiful seeds. Wow.

          Pictures will be forthcoming (plus one for Pete!)(heh…) and I should have new ‘puter in time for a brand new 2015 ganja calendar. Hot damn.

    • claygooding says:

      YaaaWN,,,I always know it’s good weed when I yawn after the first or second hit,,even if I just woke up or near nap time and this Dark Gardens FP makes me yawn,,especially after a month or two of other strains.

  4. Jean Valjean says:

    I’m hoping for an independent Scotland after tomorrow but I’m wondering where a new Scottish government would stand on cannabis issues. One thing’s for sure though, the bar has been set pretty low by both the current British coalition government and the Labour Party opposition, who all follow orders from ONDCP. Hillary and Barry’s strong support for the No campaign on Scottish independence is encouraging, hinting that Alex Salmond is less likely to become Washington’s poodle, but only time will tell.
    Here’s some viewpoints from drug reformers on the mixed bag prospects for an independent Scotland:
    ” No one is expecting Scotland’s first independent government to set about an immediate programme of decriminalisation. But as David Nutt says, it could yet present a chance to buck the UK’s regressive trend on drug policy, opening a space for other views to be heard. As many of the Yes campaigns arguments go, could things really be any worse than they already are?”
    By the way, ignore the ridiculous graphic of a cocaine saltire, a visual drug pun as we’ve come to expect in most of the media.

  5. Servetus says:

    MPP is flaunting conservatism, and in so doing brings to mind the ghosts of a lot of marijuana stereotypes. The audience is left unsure of what to believe, as if the answers don’t exist, so everyone must be exceedingly careful and consume responsibly, as if they don’t do it now.

    MPP needs to focus on the positive. A better approach would be: If you use herbal marijuana, you really can get away with acting irresponsibly—unlike most drugs, including alcohol.

    ODs? Not possible. Having problems sleeping? Smoke your brains out, you’ll sleep. Medical needs? Use it, it works. Stress reducer? Definitely. And a little Schadenfreude can be good mix: consuming marijuana as medicine will irritate and infuriate Puritans, thereby stressing them out and shortening their lifespans.

  6. Duncan20903 says:


    Swallow that beverage and hold onto your hat before reading this post because it’s official, the nattering nabobs of negativism have hatched a government recognized organization to campaign in favor of continuing our society’s embrace of the proven, epic public policy failure of the absolute prohibition of cannabis. I must say that the prohibitionist parasites and their sycophant come up with some very amusing names for their projects. In this case the enemies of freedom are calling themselves “Two is Enough.” (Stupidpatrick was at the event)

    ‘Two. Is. Enough. D.C.’ forms to oppose marijuana legalization effort in the District

    Standing outside Bible Way Church in Northwest Washington with an assortment of local politicians and activists, Jones said his organization would campaign against legalization with billboards, ads on Metro, videos, signs, leaflets and community events. In front of banners that juxtaposed joints against high school diplomas and the Washington Monument, Jones challenged Adam Eidinger, campaign chairman for the pro-legalization D.C. Cannabis Campaign, to a public debate.

    Have we ever in our lives met a prohibitionist who volunteered to formally debate this issue? Sure, in 1996 California AG Dan Lungren initiated a debate with Zonker Harris over Prop 215 but I don’t think it counts because it wasn’t a formal debate. Of course I have no clue how one would go about having a formal debate with a fictional cartoon character so maybe it does count. But any way you slice it the whole shebang could be very amusing.

    I do so hope that Adam accepts the challenge. There’s no doubt that he is exceptionally qualified. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the prohibitionists have become some of the best friends of cannabis law reform advocacy.

    • Servetus says:

      Freud would have a field day with that one. Marijuana vs high school diplomas and America’s phallic symbol, the Washington Monument?

      “In front of banners that juxtaposed joints against high school diplomas and the Washington Monument, Jones challenged Adam Eidinger, campaign chairman for the pro-legalization D.C. Cannabis Campaign, to a public debate.”

      And Kathy Henderson must have read something about how we see and realize things, through mirror cells in our brain that configure eyesight and other sensory impulses into a personal, vicarious experience inside the mind, making possible the porn industry:

      Ward 5 Advisory Neighborhood Commission representative Kathy Henderson warned that “this poison” would make D.C. communities unsafe for senior citizens.
      “You will see people at bus stops, you will see people at restaurants, public places,” she said. “You will be smoking vicariously.”

      Yes, everyone must be protected from their mirror cells, otherwise, exploited citizens risk exposure to reality, and we know what that means for the Great Oz.

      • Windy says:

        Apparently she is not aware that senior citizens are the fastest growing group of new users of cannabis.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          As of 6/30/2014 there are 1,860 Arizona residents older than age 70 on the Arizona medicinal cannabis patient registry. link to AZDHS .pdf

          If you change that to older than age 60 the number increases 9,595. That’s 18.228% of the total registrants.

          Now look at this, the number of Arizonians older than age 60 is 19.7% as of 2012:
          link to another .pdf

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Wow, I wish I had thought of this before. At first glance I thought that if 19.7% of the general population and 18.228% of the patient population is older than age 60 then that cohort is slightly under represented on the registry. That’s absolutely untrue. Only 93 patients or 0.2% of the patient population is younger than age 18. 28.3% of the general population is younger than age 20.

          Thank you Mr. Humble. You’re idiotic obsession with proving that almost all medicinal cannabis patients are young men has backfired. You weren’t just merely wrong, you were really most sincerely wrong. Francis! Have that man indicted!

    • kaptinemo says:

      Have we ever in our lives met a prohibitionist who volunteered to formally debate this issue?

      Actually, yes. In 2003, Johnny Pee, while illegally using taxpayer funds to politic against popular cannabis legalization referenda, mused publicly that he would welcome a debate.

      Rob Kampia of MPP immediately took him up on his generous offer, and repeatedly asked Johnny Pee as to when they should schedule it.

      After a loooooong period of silence Ol’ JP said there was no need for debate; the prohibs knew all the facts, already. It calls to mind what the Cardinals said to Galileo when he offered them a peek at the Universe courtesy of his telescope. They didn’t need to look, they said; the Bible gave them all the answers, already.

      It’s just like Upton Sinclair said: ““It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Some things never change.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        kaptinemo, I’d maybe give you that one as an example of a genuine offer to debate if we could prove that it’s more likely than not that he was sincere. But the problem here is that Mr. Walters is a pathological, bald faced liar. If the truth were to politely knock on his front door I guarantee that he would call 911 and demand that it be arrested for trespassing. But on top of that he was required by law to lie if the truth wasn’t convenient. I just don’t see any way possible to conclude that the offer was genuine.

        Hmm, you know, what would you think of the possibility that Congress passed that law just to accommodate Mr. Walters? They realized that the man couldn’t stop himself from lying so to keep him from getting into trouble because of his lies they pretended to force him to lie. Oh god help us all, it’s starting to make sense now! 😀

    • claygooding says:

      Please,,we are still waiting on a discussion on marijuana reform promised us 6 years ago,,in one of his first interviews Obama said we needed a discussion on reform and all we got was a Reform Committee that is nothing more than a puppet show for the sheeple,,so far,TMK,no advocates for reform have testified before the Reform Committee except in written form and all we hear is the governments side of the discussion.
      Even that has shown just how much waste of time it is,,when the DOJ/NIDA admitted they have never had science to prove marijuana was more dangerous than alcohol the Reform Committee should have immediately removed it from the CSA,,instead after 47 years of searching for harms the NIDA said all they need is more time too find the harm and on it goes.
      Every legislator in our government(state and federal) should have to walk through a crowd of protesters and activists to get back to work and remind them there is an election coming up,,and start registration drives,,even if they don’t intend to vote we need every person that has never voted to register in the next 45 days because nothing says reform louder than “new voters”.

  7. Common Science says:

    The visual and aural possibilities of film, like numerous technological advancements before, were exploited from the beginning, for the benefit of military-industrial complexes intent on reaching large audiences and changing their attitudes and beliefs. This was accomplished by employing visionaries who could truly develop the art of film making into a powerful propaganda tool. The world knows of the genius of Sergei Eisenstein in part because he got to test his theories of montage thanks to the Soviet government who endowed the Russian film industry to heroically display Bolshevik idealism in ‘Battleship Potemkin’.

    Eisenstein in turn inspired Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels to proclaim of ‘Potemkin’; “a marvelous film without equal in the cinema … anyone who had no firm political conviction could become a Bolshevik after seeing the film”.

    The process that collectively became ‘Triumph of the Will’ a 1935 film produced, directed and edited by Leni Riefenstahl for the Nazis is marvelled at by Wikipedia, “Riefenstahl’s techniques—such as moving cameras, aerial photography, the use of long focus lenses to create a distorted perspective, and the revolutionary approach to the use of music and cinematography—have earned Triumph of the Will recognition as one of the greatest films in history.”

    Frank Capra was inspired by Triumph of the Will “…as a psychological weapon aimed at destroying the will to resist…”

    His manipulative answer in the golden age of propaganda, the US government’s sponsored series, “Why We Fight” compiled enemy speeches, films, newsreels, newspaper articles, with a list of the enemy’s hostile actions. He used the enemy’s own films to expose their enslaving ends. “Let our boys hear the Nazis and the Japs shout their own claims of master-race crud—and our fighting men will know why they are in uniform”.

    With all the attitude and belief-changing potential that ONDCP money could reward to their upstanding-straight laced video crews (to elevate audiences above the influence), all they could come up with for all those untold millions of dollars were dozens more of the handful of pathetic bytes that MPP illustrates.

    And yet for our pixellated Frank Capra – we have the vicarious Bill Hicks:

  8. Servetus says:

    Maureen Dowd-themed billboard from highlights the dangers of consuming too many marijuana edibles, “the New York Times columnist is grinning. ‘I love the billboard,’ she says in an email. ‘I’m going to make it my Christmas card.'”

    • Windy says:

      I like that old hippie saying in the final comment re: eating pot brownies (which I’d never heard before, but it does make sense): Take two bites then take a hike. I like the 420 bar, but I only eat half of one square (there are 10 squares per bar).

    • B. Snow says:

      This should be an acknowledgement that – NO, it can’t Kill you even if you’re consuming it in an infamously irresponsible manner.

      Or the idiot that jumped off a building high – that’s a statistical aberration – and its not even a reliable/repeatable “statistic” = It’s a handful of “one-of” events.

      Such things/occurrences are extremely rare and tragic, but they are more or less “Darwin Awards” – and don’t justify Prohibition-style policies in any legislative manner – OR, if they do – then we’ll have to outlaw literally EVERYTHING!

      Why? Isn’t it obvious = “For the Children”…

  9. kaptinemo says:

    Yepper, it was said, ritecheer on The Couch, that her ‘experience’ would serve as a product warning label.

    Sure, it’s funny. But it means something else, too. And the Lamestream Media is now on notice: We’re fighting back.

    No more of this stupid, tee-hee, snicker-snicker, ‘aw look at the stoners, aren’t they cute when they’re mad’ condescending treatment at their hands as they’ve engaged in for the last 30-40 years. No more. Not when over half the country – the MAJORITY – wants cannabis legal again.

    By using the very obvious symbology as they have (symbology recognized by the symbol creator, herself!), MPP has thrown the gauntlet down in front of the traditional media. If they don’t want to alienate the HUGE market share represented by pro-reform adults, they’ll cease their condescension, of this issue and it’s representatives, posthaste.

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