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Robert DuPont as shill for the drug testing industry

Without disclosing DuPont’s financial interest in the drug testing industry, the Washington Post published this piece of trash: Pot is becoming legal in more places, but we should drug test employees anyway by Robert L. DuPont. Meanwhile, marijuana advocates are … Continue reading

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Debating Drugs

Transform has come out with yet another useful publication: Debating Drugs: How to Make the Case for Legal Regulation In it, they’ve assembled all the standard prohibition arguments with effective responses to each of them in a variety of areas. … Continue reading

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Open Thread

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Life-saving medical marijuana?

Study: Medical pot might reduce drug overdose deaths This is really going to piss off Kevin Sabet… Access to medical marijuana appears to have saved thousands of lives over the past few years by reducing accidental overdose deaths from drugs … Continue reading

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Barthwell watch

Just because we have a time-honored tradition here of not letting her get away with it… Barthwell maintains call for tough-minded drug policy Former federal drug policy official Andrea G. Barthwell, MD, who now directs addiction treatment centers in Illinois … Continue reading

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Madras summit canceled

Sponsors cancel drug summit in Madras after facing criticism from marijuana legalization advocates Good for them. Apparently somebody realized that a taxpayer-funded “educational” summit about the evils of marijuana just before a vote on legalization might not appear… ethical. The … Continue reading

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American Spectator’s idiot founder

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Marijuana vs. Scotch and a Low IQ Wow. How can a founder and editor-in-chief write something so ridiculously idiotic? This is an anti-marijuana article presumably aimed at readers who never tried marijuana, never read anything about … Continue reading

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Ferguson on my mind

I find myself fairly consumed recently with the events in Ferguson. It certainly does seem to be a defining moment, connecting a whole lot of puzzle pieces — militarization of police, racially unbalanced enforcement, the drug war, lack of accountability … Continue reading

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Visualization of the inappropriateness of criminalization

This infographic on drug use and problematic drug use is nothing new to us, but helps to visually point out how criminalization is a broad sledge hammer that is wrong in two ways: 1. It mostly punishes those who are … Continue reading

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Going to ridiculous lengths

What do they think they’re licensing? Patients face ‘hoop-jumping’ to gain medical marijuana Yet now that the state has enacted a medicinal cannabis law and just this month began distributing applications for would-be patients, the Chicago woman is still deciding … Continue reading

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