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Odds and Ends

Thanks to Allan for pointing out this interesting article that serves as an important reminder: Strange reason to legalize marijuana Apparently an underlying assumption of legal pot opponents is that human consciousness is some sort of pristine, pure pool of … Continue reading

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Passing the blame

Recently, it seems like the Washington Post is trying to become the U.S. version of the Daily Mail, given its editorial section antipathy to marijuana. This time, they give the platform to Roger Roffman, with whom I have had some … Continue reading

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On boycotting cocaine

This idea came up again this week, as I saw a number of people link to this article: Boycott Cocaine by Miles Hunt at Unharm, as a response to the devastating violence of the criminal drug market. Morally we must … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Heading off to Kansas City for an International Fine Arts Deans conference. Hoping to get some ribs while I’m there. Here’s a little bit of absurdity… 5 Ridiculous Anti-Drugs Posters Of course, there have been plenty of others, but these … Continue reading

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News that the war on drugs is on its way out is slow to reach certain areas

Those of us who are information consumers and see the long-term inevitability of reform should be reminded now and then that some people are completely oblivious. This hit me again today as I read this strangely clueless article: What’s next … Continue reading

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Facebook takes on the DEA

Good for them. Facebook Tells DEA to Stop Operating Fake Profile Pages WASHINGTON (AP) — Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it’s not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations. Facebook’s chief security … Continue reading

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Defining addiction

Maia Szalavitz continues to put out excellent material, and while I personally don’t agree with how she wrote everything in this article — Of Course Marijuana Addiction Exists. And It’s (Almost) All In Your Head — there’s one part that … Continue reading

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Now here is an action from the President I can support

Obama to nominate ACLU lawyer to lead Justice Department’s civil rights division Vanita Gupta, a longtime civil rights lawyer, deputy legal director of the ACLU and director of its Center for Justice, will be appointed acting head of the division … Continue reading

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Because I Got High Remix


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Interesting ‘non-shift’ in U.S. position on drug treaties

US calls for major reinterpretation of international drug laws In a little-noticed October 9 press conference, Assistant Secretary of State for Drugs and Law Enforcement Bill Brownfield acknowledged that the UN Drug Control Conventions, the pillar of international drug laws, … Continue reading

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