Oh, Cliff… you’re so entertaining.

Haven’t had a bizarro anti-legalization post from Cliff Kincaid linked here in a while. I think you’ll find this one quite entertaining.

The Potheads in Our Dopey Media

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  1. allan says:

    Cliff Kincaid and “Accuracy In Media”…

    … does not compute.

    “That is not logical Captain.”

    oh my goodness:

    Calvina L. Fay, executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation, commented, “It is not uncommon to hear such inappropriate language used by the advocates of marijuana legalization.”

    Yeah, ’cause potheads are the only ones to ever say “fuck,”

    Incredibly it gets better:

    WBAL-TV reported that, in the charging documents, “Baptiste said he was a reincarnation of King Tut and Jesus Christ and lives in a world of multiverses [alternative universes] where bad things happen to people, and they disappear because they are not real. He said the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 and the kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls were examples of multiverses in that they never actually happened.”

    The case is not as unique as you might think. The link between marijuana and mental illness is well-established in medical literature, but has been mostly ignored by the media. [emphasis mine]

    I mean really, where would the world be without Cliff and Calvina? (rhetorical only!)

    Oh and make sure to click thru to the Alaska Ass. of Chieves of Police 14 Reasons Against Marijuana Legalization, my mind is again boggled by the sheer insanity reefer causes in some of those that don’t smoke it.

    • Sukoi says:

      In the ’14 reasons’, I noticed that they used the term “stepping stone” rather than “gateway”; I wonder why they changed their most popular reefer madness talking point???

  2. MJ Verite says:

    They’re hoping that their red herring arguments obscure their ad hominem (or ad feminem) attacks. Look, these guys will never, ever win the day without resorting to irrational arguments, or outright fraud.

    The most interesting thing about the post is actually the comment section. It’s a right wing site, but most of the commenters castigate Kinkaid, calling out the “fascist wing” of the GOP. The “fascist wing” of course, didn’t take that lying down, with another commenter positing that “Libertarians will do anything for money, including getting you hooked on drugs.”

  3. kaptinemo says:

    The more desperate they get, the more they’ll feel obliged to flash their Inner Wacko at the public like sidewalk exhibitionists. They just can’t help themselves.

    The poisons that have lurked in the prohib mental mud, (in some cases, willfully) unseen by the LameStream media (often in cahoots with prohibs to get ‘scoops’) are now hatching out, in all their pustulant glory. For the entirely wrong audience to see…and vote against.

  4. Brucifer says:

    Huff puff Squeeze toot Harumpff umph creaak
    Puffed Cheeks Bulged Eyes
    (Bagpipes without the Noise}
    Best Ignored

  5. The war on drugs is just as inappropriate as Calvina and Cliff, their cheerleaders.

    “Obama says mistrust of police corroding America”

    How come I feel like the only one there that seems to be saying anything about it having to do with drugs? This has drug war written all over it, if you ask me. The article is at PBS.

    I feel like growling. Cliff Kincaid has blood on his hands and rocks in his head. Waste of time trying to argue with him.

  6. Servetus says:

    Cliff Kincaid has a problem choosing the proper hoax. The wrong hoax can be a career shortening experience for the professional hoaxter, especially a nutbag with a weed fixation like Kincaid. On the eve of international legalization, and ultimately the exoneration of cannabis, at the very time the country is poised to be shown the truth about marijuana and its safe, mild effects by way of common use by common, upstanding citizens, Kincaid pounds his drug war drums.

    Radio and TV shock jocks all seem to meet the same fate. Their tendency to annoy and be obnoxious must continually top itself with new and more extreme annoyances and obnoxiousness. At some point they cross the line of decency and people stop listening. It’s going to be that way for Kincaid and marijuana. Hereafter, the best retort to Cliff’s BS on any topic is, “Oh yeah? That’s what you said about marijuana….”

  7. Pricknick says:

    I love how many disparage her because she said “Fuck it, I quit”.

  8. lombar says:

    If I lived in Alaska, I’d go to her dispensary after seeing that for sure!

  9. primus says:

    If I lived in Alaska, I too would go to her dispensary, both to obtain herb and to congratulate her on her promotion. And to have a good look–she’s quite attractive.

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