Serving Size

Who decides what a serving size is? And are they talking about real people who actually eat food?

I’ve been reducing carbs in my diet and watching what I eat a bit. So I find myself checking those nutritional information labels. So often, I’ll look at the label and say “Oh, look — only 5 grams of sugar per serving – that’s not bad.” And then I’ll look at the number of servings per container and realize that I just ate 5 servings… as a snack.

It gets a whole lot trickier when you talk about marijuana edibles.

Here’s a great example. Somebody came up with what sounds like a brilliant idea at first: cannabis pizza.

Some Genius in LA is Selling Weed Pizzas


Yeah, it sounds like a great idea, but look at the size of that pizza. What is that? 5″? That’s like a large canapé. A small pizza (10″) will give you about four times as much pizza, and I have no problem eating a medium pizza. So what good is a 5″ pizza?

But it gets worse.

Here’s the big problem with the pizza: It is insanely strong. One personal pizza has 250 mg of weed. For those of you who have never combined eating narcotics and math before, High Times recommends about 25 mgs per dose of edibles to have a safe, good time. To put that into layman’s terms, that means that even cutting this tiny pizza into eighths might lead you to pass out in the nearest bed, too afraid to even watch The Simpsons, because what if they’re real?

The label suggests eating a quarter of it.

What’s the point?

We waited about 45 minutes, and then we just got hungry—y’know, for fucking pizza. […] Basically, Stoned Oven Gourmet’s weed pizza is the perfect thing to eat if you wanna be high in an hour and go get some pizza.

I really don’t understand the movement in the industry to have such concentrated edibles. It seems like you might as well take a pill.

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I seem to remember back in the day, that you’d make a nice large pan of pot brownies for 3 or 4 people and you’d each have several brownies and get comfortably high while having had a satisfying dessert, and you didn’t have to divide a single brownie into 8 pieces.

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  1. claygooding says:

    Because it may be very dangerous to your pocketbook to smell like marijuana very shortly if not already in your area,,edibles will become a lot more popular.

    To prepare your own:

    4 ounces of trim leaf from 12>14% THC boiled in water and 2 sticks of butter,,after cooling I reheat the layer of butter from the chilled bowl and add back enough butter to it to make 1/2 cup,,perfect for a Betty Crocker cookie mix or brownie mix.

    I make chocolate chip cookies with cannabutter that taste so good I have to stop myself from eating a second one,,one is a damn good buzz and two is a probable nap,,even sitting up in a chair.

    If no access to trim leaf use 1 ounce of brick and 2 sticks of butter,,,adj from there for local market quality,,top shelf bud being 4 sticks of butter per oz brought back to 1 1/2 cup of cannabutter and 3 cookie mixes and you may want to try half a cookie the first time out on top shelf.

    Time to take the buzz underground.

  2. primus says:

    I am trying coconut oil next time. It should work just like butter or margarine in cookies etc? Hopefully.

    • Windy says:

      Coconut oil should be perfectly fine in place of butter (though it does have a slightly higher moisture content, which you must take into account when using it bake anything).

      Additionally coconut oil is particularly good for us, I cook with it a LOT, land I also use it in place of lotions and moisturizers on my skin, face and body (it is the equivalent of spf 4 sunscreen and a super moisturizer, makes my skin feel like fine silk).

    • darkcycle says:

      Better, actually. Your digestive system treats coconut oil like a carbohydrate rather than a fat. It is absorbed much more quickly than butter.

      • claygooding says:

        I wonder which oi absorbs the most thc by volume and what the percentage of thc the extract has.
        My reasoning is that extracting with boiling water and oil has to be one of the safest extraction methods,,except maybe manual extraction as they do in Morocco when making hash,,,they beat limbs of buds like drumsticks on a huge metal bowl with silkscreen stretched taunt like a drum skin turning the stalk slowly as they tap it on the top of the silkscreen so many beats per stalk,,throw that stalk in the trash and pick up another,,it is trash to them when they get through tapping it. But what beautiful kief,,light colored powder.
        One has to wonder what extraction oil was used in the original “Hash Oil” sold in the mid 1800’s until 1942 when the FDA was formed and all cannabis medicines were removed from the shelves.
        Considering they didn’t know about THC,cannabinoids or terpenes our present day medicines are probabaly a lot better prepared than then..
        My bet is it was hempseed oil,,they cleaned the seeds to produce the oil then boiled the stalks and vegetation in the oil,,everything available from the one plant.

  3. darkcycle says:

    These days, they like to use BHO or CO2 extract, because it makes for no weedy taste at all. But the highly concentrated nature of that product leads to problems.
    First, you wind up with some severely strong edibles, and second, because people will expect to taste weed when they eat it. You eat it, and you just taste brownie. A half-hour later ,your head tells you “Go ahead and eat it, it’s a dud. ” Then you wind up hiding from your cat, because she still remembers that flea bath last week.

    • Hope says:

      darkcycle, I like that terminology, “severely strong edibles”.

      I like the idea of lightly toasted or baked 🙂 clean herb heated to the right temperature for the right amount of time, then pulverized and put in a gelatin capsule.

      Having taken other herbs like that from time to time over the years, I know that it’s a simple, clean way of dealing with any type herb or vegetable matter that you are taking for health reasons or as a supplement.

      It seems like it might be a very good, very simple way to go. (Hat tip to one of my C-News buds telling about preparing it like that for a medicinal need elderly lady he was caring for.)

      Or just use the capsule for dose control. Open it, make a cup of tea, sprinkle it on a piece of pizza if you want to, or into anything with oil or alcohol, I suppose.

      This edible thing is necessary, but it could be done better. For one thing… abnormally dismal packaging that it takes a qualified adult with a chain saw to get into. We know that packaging exists.

  4. Servetus says:

    Maybe it’s the shipping costs. Concentrates always ship for less. Maybe they’re stuck in a prohibition mindset where everything needs to be small for ease of concealment. Or maybe they’re just being cheap when it comes to product quality.

    Items like the mini-pizza-blaster will probably fade and give way to a more civilized approach. Under the magical spell of legalization, we’ll be able contact our local pizza restaurant and order a side or topping of herbal marijuana with extra mozzarella and mushrooms. No need for moral panic, any more than ordering a bottle of wine. A world free of the fear of marijuana is a happy world. All it takes is one pizza outfit providing MJ toppings, and soon little green leaf decals will adorn windows in pizza restaurants everywhere. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

    • Hope says:

      Servetus, I think it’s because they are showing off their stunning cooking with herb skills. Only thing… it’s too stunning!

    • tensity1 says:

      Yeah, I think it’s partly the result of prohibition but also due to medical MJ. Many medical patients need high-dose medication in a non-smoke form, and I think the existing edibles manufacturers at the start of recreational sales didn’t account for the casual, recreational mindset and lack of THC tolerance, especially that of newbies.

  5. Frank W. says:

    There was an “Onion” article once about a pizza that at no time during its preparation and delivery came in contact with an unstoned person, beginning with the guy who ordered it.

  6. allan says:

    brownies on Monty Python night… that was the ticket.

    back in the day it was 1 oz of Mescan brick to 1 batch of brownie mix. Or 1/4 oz of Thai to 1 batch of brownie mix (party brownies of course 1 oz of Thai per). No wonder I enjoyed college!

    • Windy says:

      You haven’t commented on the two new posts, here, Allan, but I know you find this of interest:

      Rick Steves, the Seattle-area travel entrepreneur who helped pass Washington’s marijuana legalization measure, will campaign for a similar measure in Oregon in nine cities next month….

  7. They call it “dabs” not “globs” because a little dab will do ya. I think the pizza market will wise up sooner than later.

  8. jean valjean says:

    i remember eating a ” mushroom” pizza in bali in the 70s and going on a very strange trip.

  9. I’d like to try a calzone similarly prepared.

    • Servetus says:

      Had the shooter consumed a marijuana pizza beforehand, it’s unlikely he would have gone berzerk over a barking dog.

      Meanwhile, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who owns 21 Papa John’s pizza places in Colorado, says legalized pot has been good for his pizza business.

    • John says:

      Only Police are allowed to fear for their lives from Corgis.

      • Servetus says:

        This whole Corgi thing is getting out of control. And for what? Are the poor doggies being discriminated against because of their short legs? Is it now, “Ha, ha, you can’t get away fast enough…bang, bang….”?

        Queen Elizabeth II has two Corgis, based on the last info I read. Perhaps it’s time to notify Her Majesty that things are amiss in the colonies, and that all Corgis could use the Queen’s help. An International Corgi Defense League may be in order.

    • Windy says:

      Thing is, the dog he killed was not the one that was barking, so yes they SHOULD throw the book at him and they should also throw the book at any cops who kill family pets, too.

  10. Matthew Meyer says:

    Part of edibles’ popularity surely has to do with the fact that you can used inferior cannabis, extracted with butane or other solvent, to make them. You can’t fake a flower.

    • NorCalNative says:

      It wasn’t that long ago when large plastic bags of leaf could be found floating down Northern California rivers.

      Yesterday’s trash is today’s concentrates.

      Serving size is difficult due to the varying tolerance levels of consumers. Based on my experience and tolerance level, that 250 mg pizza is about ONE serving.

    • claygooding says:

      I beg to differ,,you can extract the THC from the inferior weed and infuse it into good bud making it killer bud.

  11. Jack B Nimble says:

    I live in Colorado and I don’t care for edibles specifically for that reason. I have had numerous inexperienced acquaintances visit & all they want are edibles. As a 46 year user myself, I find myself explaining to them that even though they want no part of smoking, it is still absolutely the best way to sample cannabis for first time users. With smoking, we can titrate dosage more effectively and keep their first experience mild & fun. Unfortunately, when new users try edibles, they get too high & scare themselves. Then they don’t ever want to use it again.

    • tensity1 says:

      Yep. I want my fun time to start now, I want to be able to easily gauge proper dosage, and I want to smell and taste the wonderful herb. If I wanted to taste chocolate, I’d eat a damn candy bar.

  12. primus says:

    In Phnom Penh Cambodia, one can order ‘happy shakes’ and ‘happy pizza’ in many places. When we ordered happy pizza, we were asked how happy we wanted to be. We said ‘very happy’ so they put on a lot of herb. With the pizza in the article, if they put on 250 mg, that is only 1/4 gram, so about half a skinny joint. I would say the pizza in the picture would be half a dose.

    • John says:

      Um, I think that 250mg is THC, not whole herb. I could be wrong.

    • tensity1 says:

      I think the 250 mg is pure THC, even though the article said weed. Using 10% strength bud for comparison, one gram would have 100 mg THC, so that pizza would effectively have 2.5 grams of bud (about four decent joints for me). Super-strength, one-hitter-quitter 20% bud would be one and a quarter grams. Of course, eaten THC provides a different, “stronger” stone.

      I could be wrong, but that pizza didn’t look like it had that much herb on it, so I’m thinking they meant THC.

  13. allan says:

    I knew that picture reminded me of something…

    Back in college, late ’70s, I travelled w/ the college acapella choir as their photographer from Central CA up to BC and back. The choir director was a bishop in the Church of Cheese and Rice and Rattley Ol’ Snakes and so in every community we stayed overnight we were housed out to Mormon families.

    The most common snack provided? English muffin pizzas. And they were about as big as that pizza in the picture.

    When I get a pizza I want to eat pizza, not an english muffin, no matter how much weed is on it. Fail!

    • allan says:

      and to clarify… none of those nice Mormon ladies put pot on their pizzas.

      • Windy says:

        We used to run around with a Mormon couple (she was more devout than he, he smoked weed, she didn’t) she would make pizza from scratch and used dried horse nettles on it, odd taste, and I often wished she’d use weed instead.

  14. free radical says:

    For as long as I remember, the smoke was seen as the worst thing ever. “Smoking anything can’t be good for you,” they’d say. The response was always, “ok, don’t smoke it, eat it.” This was before vaping went mainstream. Now there’s panic and hysteria over edibles. Well, we told you to smoke it, and you freaked.

    Instead of banning edibles, which obviously works as well as banning bud in the first place, just require any and all dispensaries who sell edibles to offer non-medicated edibles also. When I buy a dank pot brownie, naturally the temptation is to eat the whole thing. Because I don’t have any other brownies in the house and I’m dying for the gooey chocolatey goodness, and all the more once I get high. If the dispensary had also made available to me a pan of “normal” brownies (without nuts), then I wouldn’t be in this mess.

  15. primus says:

    This suggests another income stream for dispensaries/legal cannabis outlets. They could either run it themselves or lease out the site for a munchies counter, complete with unmedicated muffins etc. Should be a winner.

    • claygooding says:

      Wait until shopping malls,,,small and large with several eateries close have a marijuana bar in every one,,,talk about spin-off economical growth!!!!

  16. DdC says:

    One of the first cops with drug war sense. R.I.P.

    San Jose: Iconic former police chief Joe McNamara dies
    Joseph D. McNamara, the iconic former San Jose chief who helped usher the city’s police force into a era of national prominence in the law-enforcement world, has died, sources confirmed Friday.

    The Joseph McNamara Collection

  17. DdC says:

    Hold your noses, grab the barfbags Volkies losing it…

    The Incredible True Story of How Cannabis Is Coming to Rite-Aid
    The first medicine developed straight from pot plants is poised for FDA approval. What would that mean for medical cannabis, legalization, and patients in need?

    The cannabinoid system is incredible…. We have tremendous potential for medication development from cannabis.
    — Nora Volkow, director, National Institute on Drug Abuse

    Do they even hear themselves speak?

    Government Knew in 74
    The DEA shut down all cannabis/tumor research. Ford ended all public research.
    List of brain tumor patients who died due to gossip.

    Is The DEA Legalizing THC?

  18. strayan says:

    The New Zealanders are having Kleiman as a guest:

  19. DdC says:


  20. DdC says:

    Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not public safety

    • Windy says:

      Any Sheriff who participates in or conducts raids and arrests for drugs (or prostitution or gambling or any other solo or consensual activity) needs to be replaced as soon as possible because s/he is violating his/her oath of office and Constitutional duty.

  21. A Critic says:

    “I really don’t understand the movement in the industry to have such concentrated edibles.”

    Keeps the food cost down.

    Appropriate in many cases for people with tolerances.

    I agree re: strong snack size pizza as the product line. That should be the decadose option. However, also note the price – $10. It’s too good to be true. San Jose prices are 10 for <100 milligram edibles. says it is an ethanol extract. Ethanol extracts without food are way more than that.

  22. thelbert says:

    today is special, because it would have been my dad’s 100th birthday. to celebrate i’m going to trim my crops today, and maybe vape some too. so happy birthday, couch mates. let’s get high for dear old dad.

    • jean valjean says:

      mine would have been 103 this year. he was of a generation that tended to believe everything authority figures told them including drug war propaganda. as my father i mourn his passing but i do not regret the passing of that generation and those false beliefs.
      i dont know about your dad thelbert but mine would be horrified at the thought of a commemorative joint in his honor, alas.

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