Mary Jane in ‘Grease’

I have no idea if this ad is going to be effective (or for what audiences), but I enjoyed watching it. Yes on 2 (medical marijuana in Florida)

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  1. primus says:

    I also enjoyed it, and even tho I never saw the original, I have heard the song umpteen times over the years. I suppose the older demographic is the target. The tune is very catchy, so perhaps one will hear it sung on the street, possibly by the seniors who will vote yes on 2.

  2. Hope says:

    Impressive. I like it.

  3. Dave in Florida says:

    Yes, great video here are some more interesting articles

    • Duncan20903 says:


      That’s got to be one of the most self serving AND wholly misrepresented opinion polls I’ve ever seen. Un-be-friggin’-lievable. It reminds me of the time that my wife and I went to see the “birthplace” of Abraham Lincoln in Hodgenville Kentucky. The problem was that he wasn’t born there or even in that county and the log cabin in which he was represented as being born was a replica built during the Great Depression by the WPA. Absolute, unfettered fraud. Well, at least they didn’t charge admission.

  4. Jean Valjean says:

    Kevin is going to be wagging his fat finger and saying “told you so”…..Madison Avenue meets Big Marijuana to target The Children!

  5. DdC says:

    We found the same funhouse used in the movie Grease, so we drove 2500 miles to film a shot-for-shot recreation of the end of the movie

    John Morgan takes marijuana legalization tour to Jax

    Just because we love our people, we are liquidating our remaining stock of #VoteToToke tees and #FreeTheMedicine tanks so we can get our new designs in! to order! #VoteToToke #VoteYesOn2 #Mmj #marijuana #420 #710

  6. DdC says:

    Director: Jérôme Enrico

  7. claygooding says:

    Washington Law Enforcement Creates Blood Warrant Database for Marijuana DUI

    They hope to replace the lost funding from marijuana arrests,,although there is no “bounty” for marijuana arrests they are used to verify active drug law enforcement for the Federal grants from the DEA/DOJ,,they will need to make a lot of arrests. They will blood test anyone they smell marijuana on,,it is the simplest way to detect recent use,,,edibles may become way more popular.

    Time to take the buzz underground—

  8. Daniel Williams says:

    I spoke at the Bonita Springs, FL county commissioners’ meeting yesterday, where they first discussed regulations should Amendment 2 pass. I must say that I was impressed. They are having an adult and thoughtful discussion, and believe medical marijuana dispensaries should be regulated no differently than bars. It is my belief that little ole Bonita Springs could very well become a model for other Florida cities.

    I’ve never cared much for Toke of the Town, and their stupid reporting today on Bonita Springs underscores my view. They had their panties in a twist because Bonita Springs wants to ban the smoking of cannabis in public. Big deal. You can hardly smoke anything outside these days, let alone in Florida.

    Yes, I know, I’m on record as opposing the incremental approach toward drug policy reform, exemplified by medical marijuana. Still am. But it is what it is, and I’m just glad my Florida hometown (since 1987) is more enlightened than most.

    NBC-2 did a good job reporting on the meeting, even interviewing me afterwards. If I was more computer literate I’d provide the link. (The best I could do was post it to my fb timeline.)

  9. Freeman says:

    Kinda campy, but still much less irritating that watching John Revolta and Oblivion Neutron Bomb.

    And it’s a catchy phrase that sticks in your head. I don’t get to vote in FLA, but I know which amendment is for MMJ!

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