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October 2010



California Chamber of Commerce running radio ads against Prop 19

Listen to ad here.

Philip Smith notes what it is the Chamber of Commerce really is upset about:

The Chamber wants employers to continue to be able to fire workers for failing a drug test for marijuana, even though such test do not measure actual impairment, but only the presence of metabolites in the body. […]

Prop 19 Prognostications

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m not much of a poll watcher. I figure that every minute you spend looking at polls is a minute you’re not working on getting someone to actually vote. I think polls are good for determining if you’re in the game or not, but once you know that, the only […]

Checking ID

or this one

Democratic politicians charged with pervasive pattern of racism

Charles M. Blow has a scathing OpEd in today’s New York Times blasting Democratic politicians: Smoke and Horrors

He refers to a war “being waged primarily against minorities and promoted, fueled and financed primarily by Democratic politicians.”

He notes the latest figures in California showing a marijuana war that grossly and disproportionately targets minorities, […]

A rumbling in the United Nations – could a fundamental shift be forthcoming?

The U.N. has mostly stood by silently while its drug control agencies (United Nations Office of Drug Control (UNODC), International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)) set and ran international drug control policy, and those agencies have been mostly influenced by their biggest contributors (United States and Sweden).

Theoretically, all United Nations efforts are subordinate to the […]

Brilliantly done parody video: Should be Legalized

Pass it on folks.

More on the video at the NORML Blog

For those who aren’t up on it, here is the much darker video by Eminem and Rihanna that is being parodied.

The Drug Czar pulls more numbers from his cauldron

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

The Director of the ONDCP has an entire office full of trolls who never see the light of day, searching through various sets of data to come up with different combinations that might please His Worship. Then the Czar waves his wand over the numbers, […]

Mothers speak out

Also, today Hanna Dershowitz, a mother of two in Culver CIty, California, released the following statement in response to federal drug czar Gil Kerlikowske’s comments about teen marijuana use:

“As a mother, I too am concerned about the high rate of marijuana use by our youth. But I would like to point out that […]

Yet another post on marijuana and addiction

Is marijuana addictive? Yes.

Is marijuana addictive? No.

Both answers may be correct, depending on how you define addiction, and the question itself is probably irrelevant.

I chided Maia Szalavitz yesterday for her “both sides have been wrong” nonsense, but she redeems herself somewhat in a pretty strong piece in Time: Is Marijuana Addictive? It […]

The vastly unequal burden of proof

Via Thoreau, Jim Henley reminds us of how that burden operates…

The war on drugs will surely work at some point – we’ve only been at it for 90-odd years, trillions of dollars and countless deaths and humiliations. But should anyone anywhere decriminalize anything, a single death or inconvenience in the first week would condemn […]