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California Prison Union does NOT oppose Prop 19

The CCPOA came out with its final endorsements for the election, and it expresses an opinion on most candidate, but only on one proposition (opposed to Prop 22). That’s good news. It appears that Prop 19 has been getting all … Continue reading

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A loss of reason at Reason

David Harsanyi has a particularly ignorant column at Reason about legalization, which is a real surprise. Waiting for the Man The long road to marijuana legalization This is someone who is in favorof legalization. He seems to be saying that … Continue reading

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A question for California Sheriffs

It’s a simple one. If Proposition 19 passes, will you obey the law?

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The Economics of Legalization

Jeffrey A. Miron has been the leading economist in studying the fiscal effects of the drug war. Just in time for the home stretch on Prop 19, he has teamed up with Katherine Waldock and CATO Institute to publish a … Continue reading

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Bill Piper at CNN

A really excellent OpEd at by the Drug Policy Alliance’s Bill Piper. It’s titled Time to end the war on marijuana, but clearly he’s talking about more than just marijuana. Here are a couple of really outstanding quotes that … Continue reading

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Prop 19 rundown

Why Parents Should Support Legalizing Pot My son just started kindergarten. So naturally, I have been thinking a lot about the type of world and community in which I want him and our seven-year-old daughter to live. I am involved … Continue reading

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Finally, an anti-Prop 19 site worth viewing

The organizations and web sites of those opposing Prop 19 have been really ridiculous — tired old nonsense that’s been disproved over and over. I was beginning to despair of finding a site that could possibly give us a decent … Continue reading

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Just the Facts

You know how difficult it is to get prohibitionists to agree to debates or to appear in a public forum? They’re usually pretty much afraid to face us. Well, they finally came up with a format that was acceptable…. The … Continue reading

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The Governator reaches new levels of absurdity

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger chastises the SEIU for endorsing Prop 19 because legalizing marijuana will bring risks to public safety, and… “It would also make California a laughingstock.” Via [FireDogLake

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