Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

Put on your vests, boys, those tomatoes might shoot back!

That’s right! It’s another tomato raid. This time, in the greenhouse of a Montessori school. “We were all as a group eating outside as we usually do, and this unmarked drab-green helicopter kept flying over and dropping lower,” she said. … Continue reading

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What about industrial hemp?

Kudos to Illinois State University chapter of SSDP for a very nice Hempfest event today out on the quad (and a beautiful day for it). While I was out there, one of the students asked me what, if anything, Prop … Continue reading

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Idiot politicians everywhere

I sometimes forget that we’re not the only ones with them… This stunning public policy communique from the home office as a result of a fact-finding international trip… Home Office minister James Brokenshire has warned of the severe consequnces of … Continue reading

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