California Chamber of Commerce running radio ads against Prop 19

Listen to ad here.

Philip Smith notes what it is the Chamber of Commerce really is upset about:

The Chamber wants employers to continue to be able to fire workers for failing a drug test for marijuana, even though such test do not measure actual impairment, but only the presence of metabolites in the body. Those metabolites can remain for days or even weeks after the psychoactive effects of marijuana have worn off.

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7 Responses to California Chamber of Commerce running radio ads against Prop 19

  1. shampoovta says:

    I listened to the ad. Is there one word about creating jobs? Saving money? No just stoned bears smoking bongs. 😀 Silly.

  2. Just me. says:

    Yes, lets keep firing people for what they do in thier private life…what BS.

  3. darkcycle says:

    The jobs they are protecting are in the drug testing industry.

  4. Paul says:

    Annoying. On the face of it, this opposition is an outgrowth of laws and lawsuits that prevent employers from firing at will. They don’t want to get stuck with employees they don’t like.

    For the same reasons I think marijuana should be legal, I strongly believe businesses should be able to fire at will, because it is a matter of freedom. I creates a strange situation to have an employee you really don’t want working for you anymore who you can’t fire.

    I just let an employee go who couldn’t stay awake at work. The reason was he was out partying every night and doing a lot of meth, and he was exhausted. I don’t care about the meth, but I do care about the job, and I took no joy in firing him. I wish him well, and if he ever gets back to a point in his life where I think he could work again, perhaps I’ll rehire him. But for now, he is useless.

    That said, the chamber of commerce is a pretty conservative organization, so you wonder how much of their opposition to 19 actually has to do with business matters, and how much is really just an instinctive dislike of MJ.

  5. Maria says:

    I guess the chamber would also like the right to fire people who have receipts from liquor stores? Or would that put a damper on their fund raising dinners?

  6. Just me. says:

    To those of you oppossing prop 19 and or ending prohibition. You are opposing the end of or the start of the end of lives ruined or ended…Have a look at the link, see what your supporting…

    Prohibition will not and can not stop people from consuming cannabis and or hard drugs. It has not and will not. Still you profess the “good” prohibition does. Have a look at that link again…let it sink in real good.

    Oh and the 105 tons of cannabis that was seized is a drop in the bucket and does NOTHING ! People can still go down to their street corner dealer and get all the cannabis they want.

    NOV 2nd is close..hug and kiss your prohibtion while you can..its going bye bye…so are your lies and ruin.

  7. kaptinemo says:

    This just underscores the need to continue sending more contributions to counter-balance the ‘the mighty Wurlitzer’ of propaganda paid for by the money the prohibs receive. Which I’ve done…again.

    It’s becoming very obvious just who are the real ‘Davids’ here, and who are the real ‘Goliaths’.

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