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The vastly unequal burden of proof

Via Thoreau, Jim Henley reminds us of how that burden operates… The war on drugs will surely work at some point – we’ve only been at it for 90-odd years, trillions of dollars and countless deaths and humiliations. But should … Continue reading

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Will no one hold the Government to any standards of honesty at all?

One of the unchanging constants of the drug war is that the Government lies. And yet, time after time, “serious” people in the media repeat those lies, mindlessly furthering the dissemination of Government lies and evading their responsibility to investigate … Continue reading

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Wars unwinnable by design

Glenn Greenwald hits one out of the park with The Wars on Drugs and Terror: mirror images He is one of the brightest and most passionate defenders of civil liberties from government overreach out there, so you can imagine that … Continue reading

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