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Chamber of Commerce Reefer Madness

A very powerful OpEd in the Los Angeles Times today by Dan Rush with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5: The California Chamber’s reefer madness: The group says Proposition 19 would prevent employers from punishing workers who show … Continue reading

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It’s time to legalize: end the war on pot

Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times: End the War on Pot Our nearly century-long experiment in banning marijuana has failed as abysmally as Prohibition did, and California may now be pioneering a saner approach. Sure, there are risks … Continue reading

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When racism gets silly

LA Times blogger Dennis Romero has demonstrated a bit of a racist sense of humor in the past… Surprise surprise. Latinos are getting behind the California ballot initiative to legalize pot. You mean the same folks who gave the world … Continue reading

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