Mothers speak out

Also, today Hanna Dershowitz, a mother of two in Culver CIty, California, released the following statement in response to federal drug czar Gil Kerlikowske’s comments about teen marijuana use:

“As a mother, I too am concerned about the high rate of marijuana use by our youth. But I would like to point out that the federal officials who flew here from Washington are only helping to reveal the failure of the current policy, which makes illegal marijuana more accessible to teens than legal and age-regulated alcohol. Illegal drug dealers don’t check for ID, and that’s why we need to put them out of business by passing Proposition 19 to control and tax marijuana.”

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  1. Ben Mann says:

    Women are what’s keeping Prop19 from cracking 50% in the polls. We need to get through to moms that 1) They need to stop expecting the government to do their parenting for them, and 2) Letting the government control the market is safer than letting criminals control the market.

  2. claygooding says:

    Excellent press and by a group tha needs to show they are not all mad.
    I used to belong to the counter group of MMAD,,,,DAMM,that is Drunks Against Mad Mothers.
    But I am not like that anymore,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Shap says:

    Perfect response to Droopy. Those numbers show the failure of the current policy. They don’t help Droopy’s case in any way.

  4. Sukoi says:

    I’m pretty optimistic that this is going to pass but wouldn’t it be nice if it passed with 65% or more? It would be interesting to see how the assho – err, I mean prohibitionists would spin numbers like that; “the voters were fooled I tell ‘ya…” would be my bet.

  5. DdC says:

    I’m a mom, and I support Prop 19

    As a mom, there’s nothing I care about more than the well-being and safety of our kids. That’s why I’m part of the Yes on 19 Moms Coalition — and today, I’m asking you to join me.

    By strengthening our Yes on 19 Moms Coalition, we’ll send a strong signal to the press, the pundits, and undecided voters that ending our failed marijuana policies will make California safer for our kids. This is an incredibly important message to deliver — so if you’re a mom like me, I hope you’ll stand with me right now.

    If you’re not a mom, please forward this message to all the moms you know — make sure they join our coalition and help show the strength of our campaign.

    Thanks for your help,

    Cindy Gaffney
    Volunteer & Mom, Yes On 19

    Sign our letter: Moms Say Control and Tax Cannabis

    Fill out the form below to join our coalition of moms in support of Proposition 19 — the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.

    You can read the full text of the letter here.

  6. Sukoi says:

    I forgot to add that we shouldn’t forget about Jessica Correy. I often think about seeing our gracious host on CNN or Fox News and I think that he would do at least as well as this young lady did BUT, in a debate, I envision Pete kicking some serious ass so to speak. 😉

  7. LTR says:

    Public Policy Institute of California results are in and not good:

    “Support fell for the ballot measure to legalize marijuana, Proposition 19, with 44 percent backing it and 49 percent against. In September, supporters held the lead, 52 percent to 41 percent. On Oct. 13, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder warned that the Justice Department will “vigorously” enforce federal drug laws even if the initiative passes.”

    The full poll isn’t released with # of respondents etc, just trusting Bloomberg.

    This contrasts with the new Survey USA poll which shows it leading 48-44. I know Field will release one more poll before the election. Field tends to be more respected, so we will have to wait until then. I wouldn’t get your hopes too high on this one guys, but it has a real shot, so vote and donate.

  8. claygooding says:

    I believe this is the second and only other reversed lead poll so far. Pete wasn’t it PPI that reported in early July that the no’s were leading,not that any polling organization would skew numbers but since the Drug Czar is required to do anything necessary.buying a skewed poll isn’t much different than a bought study.

    A multitude of op-ed’s showing up in CA newspapers with no author but all praising change but that Prop 19 is not the right one.

    They claim it is to much hassle with the feds and since the governator has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana,little to no savings in law enforcement would be realized.

    They are well written and I suspect them because no author claimed the work,,,,,is it real or is it memorex?

    They sure smell propagandaish,,,,kinda like rotten fish.

    • Pete says:

      I haven’t really followed the polls except to note that we’re in the running. Anything can happen, and it’s hard to say how polls may be skewed by the “afraid to talk about it” factor. Could mean that we’ll lose big, win big, or end up in a close heat. I’m trying not to get too optimistic in order to avoid great disappointment, but pessimism doesn’t work either. We can’t let polls let us get complacent or make us give up hope.

  9. ezrydn says:

    Remember that polls only tally a small segment of voters. Pre-election day voters, like myself, have never been polled and I’ve already voted. LEOs who will vote YES would never admit it to any pollster. At this point in the game, I’m not paying any attention to polls.

    On my trip to Yosemite a couple weeks ago, people who approached ME with the “Why?” were starting the conversation in a negative manner but agreeing with me within a couple of minutes of dialogue. When I asked them to please vote YES to set the experiment in motion so we could get some more evidence, they agreed where they were inclined to say NO before.

    We don’t know who they’re polling, how the question is structured, nada. I’d forget the pollsters at this point. They can’t get an honest polling this close to the election like Eric can’t arrest the total California population of recreationalists.

    It’s not the time to be throwing wet rags around just yet.

  10. ezrydn says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong key.

    I’m keeping the attitude of “We’ve got them right where we want them. We can shoot in ANY direction and hit them!” It’s attitude, folks, plain and simple.

  11. LTR says:

    I don’t believe these polls are bought. They are real, but it is extremely difficult to measure, and depends on the methodology utilized which can alter results from poll to poll, and polling firm to polling firm.

    I don’t think the loss of support in the survey usa poll should be surprising given the media and Obama coming out so strongly against the measure (FYI clay if there isn’t an author, that’s the newspaper’s official editorial stance), but I am greatly surprised by the huge flip in this latest PPIC poll. I think that these polling firms are pretty much failing at capturing the true picture and we won’t know until the voting takes place. I also happen to trust Field more than these other polling firms, so if the new field shows a reverse, I will write it off as lost.

    I think now is probably the most important time than ever to do something to help the measure pass. I hope the DPA and Yes on 19 have SOMETHING to get more attention in the headlines because AG Holder’s opposition and future lawsuits seems to be dominating a good portion of the headlines.

  12. Ben says:

    Did anyone else notice that the last part of this video, the spokeswoman is quoting South Park?

  13. darkcycle says:

    Great piece entitled “Don’t trust polls that exclude cell phones” at a couple of days ago…
    I laughed when I read that poll. It’s so out of line with every other poll so far it qualifies as a statistical outlier and would have to be disregarded in any fair analysis.
    It’s BLOOMBERG. Mayor Bloomberg? Remember him? Mr. New York “stop and frisk” racial profiling elitist piece-of-shit Bloomberg?

  14. darkcycle says:

    Really. I mean it, this poll should be ignored for several reasons. That doesn’t mean we should sit back and rest. We just need to take a long view of the organization doing the polling and the methodology they used.
    And remember the Bradley effect, polls had Mayor Bradley trailing by double digits, yet he won by a significant margin. Later analysis concluded that when people were asked over the phone about their intentions, they were hesitant to reveal how they planned to vote because they feared the information would somehow become public. They feared retaliation or social ostracism and so they lied to the pollister. One could hypothesize based on sound theory, that the announcement over the weekend that the Feds would “agressively enforce federal laws”, combined with the common knowledge that the government monitors personal phone calls, might have some people hesitant to announce thier support for the defiance of those same laws…

  15. LTR says:

    Just for clarification, Bloomberg didn’t conduct the poll, PPIC did. I think PPIC is a robo call poll, not an actual personal interviewing (but it’s still scientific). Field has person doing the interviewing. Fivethirtyeight did a piece earlier this year on possible reasons why prop 19 was leading with the robo call polls like survey usa and ppic and not field (such as the stigma behind admitting support to a live pollster). Of course Field’s latest results from a couple weeks ago showed prop 19 ahead 49-42. If Prop 19 loses, I think we may have the Obama administration to blame. Don’t lose hope though! Losing hope and forfetting based on a poll, or becoming cocky because of a poll is a good way to lose (as Pete alluded to). I personally think Survey USA has more accurate likely voter methodology and overall methodology based on the consistency of their ranges, along with Field. The PPIC has always been way out there like the Reuters poll one way or another.

    We won’t truly know until election day. Even Field may be off. Everyone should just get off their butts and make as many calls and donations as possible.

  16. darkcycle says:

    LTR: Their methodology may be suspect. And as I said above, this poll is a statistical outlier. These polls are easily manipulated (and regularly are by republican and/or democratic organizations the pollisters are often affilliated with). As something of a statistical expert (I teach psychology at a local college, and spent several years as a psychometrician, or testing specialist. I still work under contract for the Educational Testing Service reviewing tests and administration practises.) I can tell you university political science departments often conduct their own surveys of politics and elections, and these are more accurate (for whatever that’s worth). Also, look for truley independent polling organizations. They’re few and far between, but they have a better track record.
    And remember the caveat that goes with all polling: You would likely have equally accurate results by consulting a random gypsy woman.
    I’m not saying ignore this poll, just never, ever rely on one. And if it smells like fish, pass it by…

  17. darkcycle says:

    Sorry if that sounded arguementative, I just have a hard time with polling the way it is used these days.

  18. Ed Dunkle says:

    I just got back from my local Drinking Liberally meeting. A lot of the women there are against Prop 19. They were either afraid that it would make it easier for kids to get pot, or fell for the worry-troll “it’s not a perfect bill” malarkey. Kind of sad, actually.

    Hope we can mount a strong last two weeks because we are going to need it.

  19. Paul says:

    One of the dangers for prop 19 is that the Democratic base is cool, and the Republican base is hot for this election. Much as this libertarian hates to say it, we need Democrats to turn out in numbers in order to win, since Democrats favor 19 far more than Republicans. Also, the bulk of our support is coming from young people, and everyone knows they cannot be relied on to actually go and vote.

    We may have the Bradley effect on our side, but just how much of that will weigh against heavy Republican turnout is still a mystery.

    This one’s gonna be a real nail-biter. Everyone should hit Facebook the night before and remind friends in California to go to the polls.

  20. claygooding says:

    Tim Lynch of the CATO Institute did a bang up job on the Heritage Foundation’s recent anti-prop 19 article:

    Pot Shots at Prop 19 Fall Flat does an interview about her support for Prop 19
    Dr. Joycelyn Elders: Marijuana, Masturbation and Medicine

    “Laura: Well, that’s a PSA produced by some group called opposed to California’s Proposition 19 that would legalize marijuana in that state.”

    There are only two kinds of liars,the people that say they have never masturbated and the ones that say they never will again.

  21. Duncan20903 says:

    They said John Wayne Bobbit would never masturbate again. Now that’s a story of hope, and mind over matter. Just because your wife slices off your willie doesn’t mean you can’t recover and become a porn star.

  22. bee says:

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