Military and Congress skirmish over drug war

In today’s Washington Times

Rep. Mark Souder, Indiana Republican and subcommittee chairman, holds a hearing today that will examine whether the Defense Department still can fulfill its decade-and-a-half-old mandate to be the lead agency for detecting and monitoring airborne and seaborne efforts to bring illegal drugs into the United States.

The Department of Defense “has been unable or unwilling to fulfill this responsibility,” states the briefing paper

Ooh, catfight!
This, after Souder recently criticized the administration for cuts in certain areas of the drug control budget (even though the overall budget increased).
This could be an interesting fight. Walters, et al, are opportunists — they use the drug war for political purposes and financial/power gains. Souder, on the other hand, is a true believer — a real nutcase who buys every reefer madness claim as holy writ and has convinced himself that prohibition is a mission from God.
So what happens when Souder tells the Pentagon to stop wasting so many resources on terrorists and do a better job seizing marijuana shipments? Hmmm….

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