Inaccuracy in Media Strikes Again

Stupid article of the month goes to Cliff Kinkaid of (In)Accuracy in Media. (Cliff has shown up as a drug war idiot before).
Check out this column that appeared in The Conservative Voice.

Accuracy in Media (AIM) said today that The Washington Post’s coverage of the marijuana problem in today’s paper shows that it has become little more than a house organ of the pro-dope movement and its patron, billionaire George Soros.

In a front-page story today, Dan Eggen of The Washington Post publicizes a report from the Sentencing Project, identified only as a left-leaning “Washington-based think tank,” lamenting the number of arrests of marijuana users and dealers. Eggen neglects to mention that the group is heavily financed by drug-legalizer George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI), and that the report was underwritten by OSI and the pro-dope Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

“The Post concealed the facts about where the so-called study came from and who financed it,” declared Cliff Kincaid, editor of AIM. “These facts are directly relevant to whether it deserves serious consideration, let alone front-page treatment. The Eggen story amounts to a press release for the Soros line on drug policy.”

How irresponsible of the Washington Post. But wait… here’s Rich Lowry of the National Review yesterday with The War on Pot: Wrong drug, wrong war. No mention of Soros. No mention of “left-leaning.” No discrediting of the Sentencing Project. In fact, he agreed with the conclusions fairly strongly. Is Cliff Kinkaid going to go after Lowry and the National Review, too? Are they part of the pro-dope movement patronized by George Soros? Or is Kinkaid just the founding member of the pro-stupid movement?
Kinkaid went further in attempting to demonstrate what “Accuracy in Media” means (at least in his mind):

Kinkaid commented, “Tell that to the families of the victims of the killer student in Red Lake, Minnesota, Jeff Weise, an admitted pothead who bragged about marijuana being his ‘gal of choice’ before he killed nine people and himself.” Weise was also on psychiatric drugs.

There, Kinkaid tries to out-Anslinger Walters. His interpretation of the situation is at best dishonest.
Finally, after complaining that the Post “concealed the facts” about the Sentencing Project, he tosses out this whopper:

Meanwhile, a new government study linking marijuana to mental illness, including depression, schizophrenia and suicide, got only a few sentences from The Post.

Kinkaid wouldn’t know accuracy if it sat on his face. If he had bothered to check, he would have found out that the government’s “study” was a survey and it wasn’t new (it was also useless information — getting a few sentences was way more than it deserved).

[Thanks to Rick, Adam and the others at the MAP discussion group]
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