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May 2005



Who wrote it?

Marty Lederman at SCOTUSblog continues to speculate about who is writing the Raich v. Ashcroft opinion (which, of course, might have some bearing on guessing the result). His current view? Colonel Mustard wrote it using a Candlestick in the Library. Although it might have been Miss Scarlet…

Once beautiful Colombia

Paquita writes to me:

Poor Colombia, I love that country.

The Indians are like a slice of cheese in a sandwich, the AUC on the Northen slope and the FARC on the Southern one. No ceasefire at all, the paramilitaries are invading more and more. A lot of killings. The indians are terribly afraid […]

Stupid Headline of the Day

The editorial in the Argus:

Restricting sales of cold meds key to war on drugs

Wow. Good thing we finally figured that one out. Now we can win the war on drugs. Second stupidest headline of the day? The editorial in the Oakland Tribune:

Cold medication regulation key to war on drugs


The Tennessee Tax Man Comes

A 60- year old man recovering from cancer who uses marijuana is busted for “a few baby-sized plants and a small amount of commercial weed.” Before the case is even heard, the Tennessee Tax man comes and charges him for non-payment of the marijuana tax, seizing all cash, cars, and putting a lien on the […]

Call off the war on drugs

This column in the Charlotte Observer by Bill Reeside, Jr. is just fun to read. It made me smile, which is important now and then.

Marijuana, tobacco, cocaine, beer, ecstasy, chocolate, Viagra, aspirin, codeine, French fries, Prozac. These are all things that people voluntarily put into their bodies to make themselves feel better. Some of […]

Schapelle Corby given 20 years

This is the Australian woman who had marijuana found in her bag at customs in Indonesia (quite likely innocent, based on what I’ve read). TalkLeft has been all over this one, so go there for the full coverage. I’m sure Jeralyn’s pleased to know that bookings to Bali are already down 20%.