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April 2005



Are they really that stupid?

In the New York Times, via Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run:

Five years and $3 billion into the most aggressive counternarcotics operation ever here, American and Colombian officials say they have eradicated a record-breaking million acres of coca plants, yet cocaine remains as available as ever on American streets, perhaps more so.

“It’s very […]

Clarification on Raich opinion dates

Apparently the Supreme Court will not be releasing any opinions this Monday (May 2) after all. This means that the next possible date for decisions is Monday, May 16. Via SCOTUSblog:

The remaining scheduled dates for issuance of opinions are May 16th, 23d and 31st, and each of the four Mondays in June. (If needed, […]

Hempfest at Illinois State University

Tomorrow (Friday, April 29), M.A.S.H. (Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp) at Illinois State University will be holding their Spring Hempfest out on the quad, from noon until about 7 pm. Music, speakers, jewelry-making and just hanging out on the quad. If you’re in the area, stop by. I’ll be speaking around 2:30 pm.


More evidence that the prohibitionists are lying to you

Karen Tandy:

Over the past decade, drug policy in some foreign countries, particularly those in Europe, has gone through some dramatic changes toward greater liberalization with failed results. Consider the experience of the Netherlands, where the government reconsidered its legalization measures in light of that country’s experience.

Reality (Mayors Back Legalization of Cannabis):

Amsterdam — […]

Stop Prisoner Rape

I received a note from Andrea Cavanaugh, the public outreach associate for Stop Prisoner Rape, a national human rights organization.

Stories from Inside

SPR is launching a groundbreaking new project built around firsthand accounts of sexual assaults against inmates held on drug charges.

Stories from Inside will examine how the “war on drugs” and three-strikes […]

Surreal Reading…

“bullet” DEA’s Karen Tandy is speaking out. This release from the DEA has her article: “Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us,” which appeared in the March issue of Police Chief Magazine. She starts by using the death of a 14-year-old girl who may have died from ecstacy and whose friends were afraid to get help […]

Tell the truth, lose your job

Some of you may remember my report on the recent circus in Alaska where politicians sought to out-do themselves coming up with bogus information and outright lies about marijuana — part of an attempt by Alaska Governor Murkowski to over-ride the state’s constitution and claim that marijuana has somehow become extraordinarily dangerous. The one sane […]

Raich Speculation

Again today, the Supreme Court Justices released their opinions and Raich v. Ashcroft wasn’t there. Now there’s nothing that requires them to release their opinion on a certain date or in a certain order, but they will need to finish up by June (and there’s only 2 more days coming up in which they’ll release […]

A Group to Watch…

The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday, about a convention of a very interesting coalition:

Yesterday, representatives of 15 black professional organizations that formed the National African American Drug Policy Coalition in the fall met to devise a strategy for changing drug laws they say unfairly punish African-Americans.

Among the group’s leaders is Kurt L. Schmoke, who […]


I thought it would be good to recap just a few of the major events in drug policy reform that are in the works.

The Supreme Court Decision in Raich v. Ashcroft. The next possible dates for a decision are April 26, April 27, May 2, and May 16. Raich Day of Action. If the […]