Karen Tandy Whines About the Press

Reported in the Knox News Sentinel. In Gatlinburg last week, DEA Head Karen Tandy claimed that the drug war was making progress, but complained “that the media doesn’t report the issue fairly.”

“Good news doesn’t sell,” Tandy said. “You won’t read about it in the press.”

Fortunately for her audience, though, she assured them that the drug war isn’t doing too well…

Tandy said that drug seizures are “on track this year to hit $1 billion” and predicted that amount will eventually climb to $3 billion a year.

“And that’s more money, by the way, that will be going back to you,” she told the assembly of hundreds of law enforcement officers in a reference to state and federal laws that allow funds seized during drug busts to be returned to the agencies that confiscate them.

Ah, so that’s what she means by progress. More money for drug warriors.

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