Governor Frank Murkowski loses to pot again

Pot Bill is Out of Time

JUNEAU — The governor’s attempt to outlaw at-home marijuana appears dead for this legislative session.

With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn for the year on Tuesday, lawmakers said Saturday the bill is out of time. The news came just two days after Gov. Frank Murkowski declared it one of his “must have” bills.

Perhaps the legislature realizes that the bill is embarrassing?

[Thanks, Scott]
P.S. If someone can get me a working password to Anchorage Daily News (, I’d appreciate it. Despite multiple attempts at registering and several emails back and forth with their staff, they appear to be technically incompetent to deal with my choice of operating system and browser, and I refuse to change for them (and I couldn’t find a working one at bugmenot). Problem is I sometimes need to read articles there.
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