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May 2005



Call off the war on drugs

This column in the Charlotte Observer by Bill Reeside, Jr. is just fun to read. It made me smile, which is important now and then.

Marijuana, tobacco, cocaine, beer, ecstasy, chocolate, Viagra, aspirin, codeine, French fries, Prozac. These are all things that people voluntarily put into their bodies to make themselves feel better. Some of […]

Schapelle Corby given 20 years

This is the Australian woman who had marijuana found in her bag at customs in Indonesia (quite likely innocent, based on what I’ve read). TalkLeft has been all over this one, so go there for the full coverage. I’m sure Jeralyn’s pleased to know that bookings to Bali are already down 20%.


Drug war madness!!!

Be afraid, mothers and fathers. There’s an insidious disease that infects the minds of the weak and gullible. This is your brain… on propaganda.

Don’t Underestimate the Danger of Marijuana Use by Larissa Lytwyn (yes that’s her)

[Thanks to all the fine folks at Cannabis News for the information and the inspiration.]


No More Tulias – federal legislation filed

Via Scott at Grits for Breakfast with additional information at Drug Policy Alliance:

Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s bill would [prohibit] states from spending federal money on anti-drug task forces unless they have laws to prevent people from being convicted of drug offenses solely on the uncorroborated word of an undercover officer or informant.

The legislation is […]

Once again, the Drug War Spectacularly Fails to Work

“bullet” Los Zetas are coming! Citizens and police in Arizona and California border areas are being warned by the Justice Department:

… a group of rogue Mexican military commandos may be headed this way. They’re thought to be setting up new drug smuggling routes and it could bring new violence to the border area.

And […]

Barthwell surfaces in a bizarre article from Williamsburg

In today’s Virginia Gazette: Drug Forum Draws National Interest by editor Rusty Carter. Well, it drew my interest as well, for a couple of reasons…

Drug prevention is so high on the radar screen that the White House is watching how a local initiative plays out.

The Historic Triangle Substance Abuse Coalition is hosting a […]

A Must Read: Arrested Development

A very powerful article by Gary Fields in the Wall Street Journal: Arrested Development. The article shows that prison is only part of the societal destruction caused by the war on drugs. Once these non-violent prisoners are finally released, there are so many barriers set in front of them to obtain basic services and jobs […]

Hamid Karzai comes to Washington, does stand-up routine


Afghan President Hamid Karzai has denied the US State Department predictions that Afghanistan is on the verge of becoming a ‘narco-state’. He said the country could be free of opium in 5-6 years.

Man, that guy is funny!

With President George W Bush at his side after a meeting on Monday, Karzai said […]

Lessons from a Seat Belt stop

Via Radley Balko, comes this gem. Here’s the story in brief: Officer pulls over Estrela (age 19) who is not wearing a seat belt as part of the “click-it or ticket” seat belt campaign, targeting those who are under 18 and not wearing a seatbelt (officer thought he was younger). While investigating his age, the […]

Osteoporosis and the proper response to preliminary findings

So recent research suggests that excessive use of cannabis may have a connection with bone loss. What the research really has learned is some intereting possibilities for research into preventing bone loss having to do with cannabinoid receptors. Now I’m waiting (and I probably won’t have to wait long) for the first drug warrior to […]