Once again, the Drug War Spectacularly Fails to Work

“bullet” Los Zetas are coming! Citizens and police in Arizona and California border areas are being warned by the Justice Department:

… a group of rogue Mexican military commandos may be headed this way. They’re thought to be setting up new drug smuggling routes and it could bring new violence to the border area.

And yes, they could be very dangerous…because we trained them in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia.
That’s right. We find people of questionable moral character so that we can train them to go and assassinate/murder drug cartels. Then we send them into Mexico where there are enormous profits available in the drug trade to those who are ruthless and well trained!
Oops. They defected.

The Intelligence Bulletin we obtained says the Zetas are responsible for hundreds of violent drug-related murders. It says they’ve executed journalists, murdered people in Dallas, McAllen and Laredo, Texas. They even detained two DEA agents and recently they’ve shot at Border Patrol agents. At the Arizona border with Mexico agents are already seeing a major increase in violence.

We put them there! Is there no accountability?
“bullet” In other news… China acknowledged in a nationally televised broadcast “that they have failed to stop surging narcotics abuse despite repeated crackdowns.” This, from the country that routinely executes drug smugglers.
And yet, some people still seem to think that if we could just get a bit tougher, we could make prohibition work.

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