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September 2012



The Drug War is Over!

Ring the bells. The long effort has finally paid off!

Colombia’s president says last big drug lord has been captured

BOGOTA, Colombia – President Juan Manuel Santos announced Tuesday evening that a man he described as Colombia’s last big-time drug lord had been captured in neighboring Venezuela. It was the third arrest of a purported […]

U.S. having a harder time getting away with lecturing about drug policy

Nice coverage by Phillip Smith over at Bolivia, Venezuela Reject US Drug Criticism

“I hereby designate Bolivia, Burma, and Venezuela as countries that have failed demonstrably during the previous 12 months to make substantial efforts to adhere to their obligations under international counternarcotics agreements,” President Obama said in the determination. […]

Venezuela “rejects in […]

We’ve got to do something about these domestic terrorists

Mike Riggs over at Hit and Run brings us the winner of the day: Wilmington, Massachusetts Police Chief Michael Begonis.

“Illicit drug use is a form of domestic terrorism to some extent,” said Wilmington Police Chief Michael Begonis. “It is preying on folks who are more susceptible and who need a better life. And it’s […]

Ongoing drug war deaths

We’ve talked about this before, but one of the truly criminal aspects of the international drug war is the extent to the UNODC and western governments ignore, facilitate, or outright fund and promote outrageous human rights abuses worldwide in the name of the drug war.

The Guardian brings it home again:

Has Britain’s war on […]


Despite what you may believe from watching Jurassic Park or Dr. Who, the dinosaurs are extinct, and so shall be Representatives like Doug Cox (R-OK).

Don’t let Oklahoma go to pot

As the chairman of the subcommittee on appropriations for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, I have had the opportunity to visit many of […]

Sheriff Kirk Taylor… still a moron

Just in case you thought he might have changed since we last saw him, uh no.

Sheriff opposes legalized pot

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor says voters have been “put to sleep” on the issue of marijuana but he, along with the County Sheriffs of Colorado, is strongly opposed to Amendment 64 on the November […]

Mind boggling

There’s something insanely wrong with a world where this kind of creativity exists, but LSD is illegal.

More artwork from Yayoi Kusama here.

Too funny

This cracked me up.

Opponents of Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative Accidentally Advertise a Spoof of Themselves (Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run)

The official voters’ guide that was mailed to every household in Massachusetts beginning last week includes a Web address for the No on Question 3 committee, which is urging voters to reject a […]

Harm reduction can have a dramatic effect on lifespan

Vancouver’s Downtown EastSide (DTES) area has long been a place of death, largely from AIDS and drug overdoses, but in recent years, the Insite facility (which allows for a safe, controlled environment for drug use has been making a difference. One of the differences is that people are living longer.

This should be no surprise. […]

A nice birthday wish

Alison Pill: I Want Marijuana for My Birthday

“The best birthday in the world is to have, at most, five people over for a barbeque and to make tofu because it’s my birthday and they have to like it.” Leaning toward The Cut’s audio recorder she elaborated, “I want a birthday that involves me […]