Mind boggling

There’s something insanely wrong with a world where this kind of creativity exists, but LSD is illegal.

More artwork from Yayoi Kusama here.

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33 Responses to Mind boggling

  1. claygooding says:

    Fear of the unknown has driven a lot of shit.

  2. josh dean says:

    That’s why we shouldn’t be exploring it..cause it can kill or rape you,or possibly kill then systematiclly rape you repeatly.. sweet sweet rape. Drug users by far do the most harm to the kids.and its strange how you justify it.brain dead anti religious bigots.go pick another fight and leave the “drug war” alone. We don’t need to give up. We just caught a leader of a cartel the other day so that’s mother fucking progress. What do you offer free twinkies whenever you buy an ounce at Walmart. Nasty unhealthy and completey revolting. How much more anti~jesus can you be. Kudos to those that died fighting this war.and FYI no body cares about a few dead mexicans at least they didn’t make it over the boarder.

    • claygooding says:

      what is strange Josh is that you want to protect the children by continuing to enrich drug dealers that will sell to the children instead of licensed outlets that at least check ID’s.

      And catching a cartel leader simply means someone else now has his job,,,they have caught many cartel leaders and their lieutenants and all it does is open a high paying position up for someone else.

      • Peter says:

        Clay, using logic to argue with a racist troll like “josh” is a waste of time, and just feeds his need for attention. If I met this person on a bus I’d move seats.

    • Deep Dish says:

      Not too many people know this, but drug cartels have job postings on Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com for “Drug Kingpin Specialist I”.

  3. Francis says:

    “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

    ― Terence McKenna

  4. josh dean says:

    No their illegal becouse they can kill you the first time you inject them into your blood stream. They are the worse of the worse.they make you legally insane and addicted.don’t give me your voodoo mumbo jumbo kiddie touching sicko bullshit. Stop giving kids fake acid laced tattoos

    • primus says:

      You really need to take some remedial English courses so your diatribes sound less like the ranting of an ignoramus.

    • divadab says:

      I think Josh is probably faking it. No one can be that ignorant and malicious. Nice satire of a self-hating hater of anyone who isn’t a tool of teevee, corporate poison food, pharmaceutical poison, and childhood abuse, Josh!

  5. Servetus says:

    Been there. Done that acid trip.

  6. n.t greene says:

    Funny, I’m not dead. I never did anything stupid.

    I think stupid people are the problem. protip. if you think you can fly, try taking off from the ground first.

  7. darkcycle says:

    Well. Wiggles is definitely back and in full flush. (as in toilet-flush) P.S. hey wiggler, I liked your “Big Rig Butters” character better. Definitely more likeable than your “Josh”.

  8. Duncan20903 says:

    Why do some voters in Washington believe that it couldn’t happen to their State?

    [Colorado] Republican State Sen. Keith King Pushing For Marijuana DUI Standard For A Fourth Time

    • claygooding says:

      IF the No on 502 crew could just recognize that a DUI for cannabis is just a possible vote away in the legislature they are not acknowledging it,,they’re blinders remind me of the way prohibitionist only see the bad,,and any good is ignored.

      • divadab says:

        I-502 enshrines an unscientific per se DUI law that essentially makes it illegal for medical cannabis users to drive. Ever.

        What the hell are you talking about, Clay?

        • claygooding says:

          And one passed by the legislature will be based on fear mongering and right out of the ONDCP playbook,,no per se dui for cannabis laws on the books are written on scientific basis in any state,,which is why it must be contested because that is a federal push causing that ignorant senator in CO to keep trying,,for the 4th time.

          Divadad,,I bet you that the Washington legislature will have a dui law for cannabis in their next session,,if 502 does not put one in place.

        • darkcycle says:

          The current policy of the Washington State Patrol is automatic DUI when presented with a recommendation letter. You know that, right?

        • claygooding says:

          So,if that is the current policy,,what do you gain by voting against legalization and avoiding an automatic dui at least until you are tested,,legalization will make your letter of recommendation unnecessary a majority of the time.

        • divadab says:

          Let me make sure I understand your logic guys –
          1) a per se DUI law is bad;
          2) but it is inevitable that a per se dui law will be enacted in WA;
          3) we should fight any per se dui law;
          3) so therefore we should vote for I-502 which contains a per se dui law.

          I’m not voting for anything that contains a per se dui law. It’s bad, wrong, and a concession to people who only understand alcohol and jobs for the boys. How is voting for I-502 other than committing hari-kiri because being murdered is inevitable?

        • darkcycle says:

          We have defacto Per Se right now…only they need NO nano grams! They don’t even test! Have pot, see a letter…go to jail. That’s where we are now!
          How can you live with the status quo? Why should adults be required to go through a doctor/gatekeeper in order to responsibly enjoy Cannabis? When was the last time you were pulled over for erratic driving after consuming POT? or questioned at a DUI check point and made to take a roadside test without reeking of alcohol or slurring your words?
          ANY presence of THC in your bloodstream right now (should they go to the time and expense to test you) will land you a DUI. How is that hard to understand…at least under 502 you would be protected up TO the arbitrary level. Today? Nada.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          That’s hogwash divadab. It’s already illegal for those patients to drive under the current law. But tell me, why is it that your friends are getting pulled over and investigated for impaired driving now? I know that some 8,000 Washingtonians are arrested and put in jail for petty possession of pot every year. Why are those people less important to you than people who aren’t even getting investigated?

          The one and only thing that I-502 changes is the adoption of the per se level. I’ve asked several times for examples of people that have gotten pulled over, tested for more than 5 ng/ml, and who managed to use the affirmative defense to be acquitted of that charge. I’ll wager dollars to dirt that I wouldn’t need to use all of the fingers on one hand to count them.

          I’ve been choosing to enjoy cannabis for more than 35 years now, and still haven’t had any cops pull me over for investigation of impaired driving. It’s totally asinine to try to stall our progress over this issue. But the good news is that I think that your inane attitude is going to cause a lot of people who would have voted no on I-502 to vote yes. Really why else would you be so concerned if you weren’t trying to slither out of a future DUI? I think most of my fellow potheads are going to stop and think of how much of a non-problem getting pulled over and tested and realize that this concession just doesn’t cost us anything.

          I do think that you’re a detestable human being divadab. You need to crawl back under your rock and quit working against progress. Either that or start dating Kevin Sabet. You guys really are two peas in a pod.


        • darkcycle says:

          Duncan, Divadab is our friend, we do not HAVE to agree on this or any other particular. Calling him detestable was uncalled for.

        • Deep Dish says:

          Divadab, have you ever heard of the “perfect solution fallacy”? It’s when you reject a proposition in its entirety because some aspect is flawed.

          In our context, the rebuttal to the perfect solution fallacy is legalization comes through incremental steps. It’s much easier to fix a law than to put a new law on the books. Should I-502 succeed, you can try to pressure politicians, or conversely, get another citizen initiative on the ballot.

          (In the words of Russ Belville of NORML, “But let me ask you this… should we have voted for Oregon and Washington’s medical marijuana laws? After all, Oregon’s law contains a completely arbitrary and unscientific definition of a mature plant as one that is greater than twelve inches that in no way proves maturity. Plant limits distinguish between mature and immature, and if you have one more than your six mature plants, you’re a felon, per se, with no affirmative defense in court. Patients who grow could have seven 11″ seedlings on Friday, and come back from a trip Monday with a felony in their grow room. And you just know asshole cops will use the medical marijuana registry to figure out who the patients are with grows, stake them out, and come by for a ‘compliance check’ when they see you’ve been out of town for a few days!

          And Washington’s law was passed with a ’60 day supply’ for patients. We gave the cops a tool to harass law-abiding patients! The asshole cops just decided that whatever you had was more than a ’60 day supply’ and would bust you for it! Of course, that terribly vague and anti-patient language did get changed to twenty-four ounces… who did that again?… oh, yes, the legislature!

          …Somehow, when it comes to protecting patients, we can accept all sorts of arbitrary limits, unscientific language, bad precedents, and giving tools to asshole cops. But when it comes to protecting the rest of us who don’t get 15 plants and 24 ounces, it’s just unacceptable.”)

        • divadab says:

          Hey Duncan – we’re discussing here. DO you think anyone who disagrees with you is detestable and should crawl under a rock? Sort of like GW bush, eh? You’re either with us or agin us?

          How can anyone respect your position if you insult them personally? Do you really think a salesman can sell something to someone he tells is an idiot? That’s a poor salesman. And your behavior is disrespectful and it makes you disrespectable.

          I would like an apology. I think without an apology from you, Pete should ban you for a while for bad behavior.

  9. allan says:


    Dean Becker drove LEAP’s vehicle for the entire duration of the Caravan for Peace. He has a wonderful oped at alternet:

    Mainstream Media Attends — Then Ignores — U.S. Caravan for Peace

    Obviously the pain of mourning Mexican mothers was deemed to be just too much for the viewers of US television networks.

  10. Francis says:

    Colorado marijuana legalization initiative leads in new poll

    The poll found that the measure, Amendment 64, has the support of 51 percent of likely voters surveyed, compared with 40 percent opposed.

    Across every income bracket and in every age group except those 65 and older, more voters told pollsters they support the measure than oppose it, though some of the leads fall within the 4-percentage-point margin of error. Voters younger than 35 support the measure by a margin of 30 percentage points, 61 percent to 31 percent, according to the poll.

    The results by age group are interesting. Support for the Amendment is actually stronger among those ages 50-64 (58% in support to 37% against) than it is among those ages 35-49 (44% in favor to 43% against). Anyone have an explanation for that?

    • Deep Dish says:

      I’m going to take a wild guess that it was a weird statistical fluke, perhaps from small sampling. The survey was done by SurveyUSA and I can’t seem to find in their methodology exactly how many people were polled.

      Last month, Public Policy Polling didn’t find the result among 1,001 voters, finding equal support from ages 30-45 and 46-65.


    • darkcycle says:

      It’s the demographic of the “new” Colorado. Many of the people who have recently moved there (w/in the last ten years) are younger, conservative and religious. The Coloradans who are established tend to be more libertarian folks who greatly dislike people meddling in other people’s affairs.

    • Servetus says:

      I’ve noticed this kind of statistical dip before. The Colorado age group 35-49 may be influenced by Gen-X’ers infected and damaged by a Reaganitus meme that forever warped their sensibilities’ brain circuitry. If true, it’s sad, really.

  11. allan says:


    editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times:

    Past time for an honest debate on drug laws

    […] in a speech at Elmhurst College earlier this month, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, one of our nation’s most distinguished jurists, called it “absurd” to criminalize the sale or use of marijuana and questioned whether even cocaine is all that dangerous.

    By and large, Posner said, “the notion of using the criminal law as the primary means of dealing with a problem of addiction, of misuse, of ingesting dangerous drugs, I don’t think that’s sensible at all.”

    So much for the war on drugs.


    • claygooding says:

      I am glad a sitting judge is standing up for sanity,,now if some more will join him before the ONDCP has him drummed out of his court,,with no retirement.
      I bet the FBI,IRS,ATF and every other letter gang in DC is studying his life right now for any possible faults.

      • Servetus says:

        Judge Posner has a lot of light on him. Any attempt to sink his career would be viewed publicly in the worst possible ways. Such an attempt could easily contribute to the perpetrator going to jail, while creating a public media sensation that fires more bullets into prohibition. It would almost be worth it to see it happen.

        No judge or other public official need fear the phantom reaper of drug enforcement. Prohibition is a slave morality executed at the level of an enslaved nation. We supposedly passed the slave benchmark 147 years ago. As Bertrand Russell noted: “moral progress has consisted, in the main, of protest against cruel customs.”

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