We’ve got to do something about these domestic terrorists

Mike Riggs over at Hit and Run brings us the winner of the day: Wilmington, Massachusetts Police Chief Michael Begonis.

“Illicit drug use is a form of domestic terrorism to some extent,” said Wilmington Police Chief Michael Begonis. “It is preying on folks who are more susceptible and who need a better life. And it’s something that we need to deal with head on.”

Riggs then gives a photo essay to ask just who are the real domestic terrorists – drug users or SWAT? And notes:

For me, the guys with the machine guns and the legal authority to kill me in my own home inspire far more terror than illicit drugs or the people who use them.

Check it out.

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13 Responses to We’ve got to do something about these domestic terrorists

  1. Peter says:

    Chief Michael Begonis sounds like some sort of rip van winkle who went to sleep in the 1950s and has been suddenly awakened in 2012.

  2. Servetus says:

    “Propaganda is much more effective when it is combined with terror.” –- Noam Chomsky, Interview, April, 1998, The Drug War Industrial Complex.

  3. Matthew Meyer says:

    The Chief is wide-eyed at the levels of drug use, and blames lax marijuana laws:

    “Though there is a long list of reasons why this could be the case, Begonis said he believes the decriminalization of marijuana is one of them. He believes that when that law was passed in Massachusetts, it sent the wrong message about drug use.”

    Gotta hold that line, Chief!

  4. War Vet says:

    Oh, Pete –the cops are the only reason why 9/11 happened since they are the ones who failed after over 70yrs to complete their domestic drug prohibition mission and after 1961 (U.N. Single Convention) have failed to flush the world’s dope down the toilets –thus allowing terrorists to control dope money (DEA source). Cops get paid to not work –proof every cop (for the most part) doesn’t work while on shift: drugs are still around after the end of their shift –after 20-30 yrs on the force –drugs still exist . . . In Vietnam (not my lost war –Iraq was my lost war 08’), American troops had boots on ground since 65’ and left in 73’ /75’–we left even though we failed, just like in Iraq and what will happen in Afghanistan (according to our current barring and speed limit) . . . American troops conquered Japan and Germany (which explains why it’s been over 60yrs since soldiers died from German and Japanese militias and insurgents) and are currently stationed in those two nations . . . the cops have been busting dope long before WWII and have not succeeded, nor have they quit and fact is, the cops’ job creates illegal drug money via prohibition and prohibition funds terrorism, which means every American cops is a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer . . . if we were at war with let’s say Militant Canada or Extremist Greenland whom ‘sold drugs’ to finance their war through the cause and effect of law enforcement keeping dope illegal: we would call the American cop Canadian or Greenland Sympathizers . . . everybody with at least a high school education knows it was the NYPD (and the rest of the nation’s DOJ) who pushed down the Twin Tower buildings on 9/11. American cops tried to kill me in Iraq via drug law enforcement creating illegal drug money in the hands of Al Qaeda and Insurgents –guilty because they know drug money funds gangs and terrorists and criminals . . . they know drug prohibition creates better and more financed criminals . . . they are not innocent due to the fact they know (but ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law so they say –though they are not ignorant) . . . The American cops know they are working in the favor of the Taliban and Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Qaeda and Mexican Cartels . . . we had Latin American (South American) drug dealers in our CIA/DOD Prisoner of War Facility in Baghdad –we also had the mafia from Russia and Italy . . . don’t you once think an Iraqi war prison holds just Iraqis and Muslims. Cops are domestic terrorists not just because of all the guns and tactics and precedents done in their jobs (dog killers, killers of a U.S. Marine Vet in Tucson, AZ etc) –but because they give aid to Muslim Terrorists and they know it. If I’m wrong about any of this (any) Pete – then I bet you your website that you can prove 9/11 never happened. Drug legalization has absolutely nothing to do with legal marijuana or cocaine use without fear of arrest –it has everything to do with getting justice for 9/11, which forced America to Afghanistan –which caused us to hop on the Iraqi War bandwagon . . . peoples’ right to not be blown up or shot, or raped or physically enslaved far succeeds anyone’s right to use drugs –which is why drug legalization is all about reducing war and slowing down terrorism and stopping gangs. Keeping drugs illegal in America and all her side affects probably cost us (and lost out on future revenue and taxes added to increased job outsourcing –cost of imports etc) between $5-7 trillion dollars –once again Pete, if I’m remotely wrong in this estimate, you can prove hemp, Henry Ford and Iraq don’t exist. Cops are more responsible for this than anyone else, since they enforce it.

  5. claygooding says:

    OT,,but I think we can quit worrying about Romney ever being president,,he said 47% of Americans are dependent on government handouts and refuse to accept responsibility for their own lives,,,no clean up for it but then his apology was that the remark was off the cuff,,in other words,,what his actual belief was,,and that he was not going to worry about the 47% because they would never vote for smaller government.

    If reducing government bureaucracies and the power they have over our citizens was his plan,,he might be taken serious,,he wants more bureaucratic power with more laws enacted by them.

    • Windy says:

      Thing is, clay, what he said is the unvarnished truth. I do NOT like Romney, nor would I ever vote for him, but he spoke unavoidable truth when he said that. And he spoke more truth when he said those 47% who are dependent on government would never vote for smaller government ( or for him, besides he wouldn’t give them or us smaller government, even if they did vote for him, cuz he’s just another big government tool like Obama). But if those words cause other to not vote for him, perhaps that will give Gary Johnson a better chance than he already has to pick up those votes from the independents, GOPers and Dems who are disgusted with the current overbearing, interfering, greedy for more taxpayers’ monies and more power government.

    • SCOOBY says:

      Hell of a choice we got this cycle Clay….Obama or Romney…Best choice seems to be stay home.

  6. Francis says:

    A agrees to sell B some dried plant matter on mutually acceptable terms. Just as they’re completing the transaction, C shows up with a gun. He shoots A’s dog D, holds A and B at gunpoint, locks them in a cage, and steals both the product and proceeds of the sale.

    Question: who engaged in “domestic terrorism”? (I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t the dog.)

  7. ezrydn says:

    The US trained us, sent us off to kill and after we return, Homeland Security labeled us “terrorists.” That’s one reason I moved to Mexico. Fuck’em! The right to vote is very near and dear to me. I’ll be happy to say “I voted against him after I voted for him.”

    I wouldn’t mind giving Gary a chance. However, his message has been muted so no one, in the majority are aware of him. When the totalling is finished, you’ll see what I mean.

  8. primus says:

    I pick Romney for the loss, Alec.

  9. ezrydn says:

    Only if the fat lady has sung already. Personally, I haven’t heard one note out of her. A lot can happen in a month and a half.

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