Despite what you may believe from watching Jurassic Park or Dr. Who, the dinosaurs are extinct, and so shall be Representatives like Doug Cox (R-OK).

Don’t let Oklahoma go to pot

As the chairman of the subcommittee on appropriations for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, I have had the opportunity to visit many of the state’s drug treatment and rehabilitation facilities. In this position, as well as my work as a physician, I have met many people who have addiction problems with methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and, more recently, K-2. Without exception, every one of these addicts told me their entry level drug was marijuana. In addition, a large number of prescription drug abusers also smoke pot. […]

Regular users tend to develop “amotivational syndrome,” a condition where they lose interest in everything except making sure they have the next joint to smoke.[…]

Potheads are more likely to be high school dropouts, unemployed, on disability, or dependent on the government dole for support. They are just downright lazy. […]

Most of us will live long enough to see the pendulum swing back the other way toward tougher penalties for pot use.

This kind of nonsense may well still be believable to a small minority of idiots in Oklahoma, but most folks today actually know people who have smoked pot, and realize just how ridiculous it is.

[Thanks, Ryan]
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13 Responses to Dinosaurs

  1. claygooding says:

    I talk about the anti-marijuana crowd in Texas but OK has just as many,,it is why we must challenge all political office candidates,local as well as state and federal,,to remove prohibs form public office or at least expose them for the public to see,,,especially to be labeled as the idiots they are,,after legalization.

    • War Vet says:

      Clay man -Oklahoma has far more anti-drugsters than Texas . . . every Texan is a pot growining liberal waving pro-Castro Cuban flags compared to Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, weed growing or drug selling carries a far worse sentence than having sex with a child . . . the manufacture of hashish is just like cooking meth and far worse than a College football coach having an orgy with the little leaguers in the shower. We should post large signs on the highway when entering the state: Sex offenders Welcome -Stay Off the Grass. You cannot spell Haight-Ashbury without the word Texas in it Clay -even you should know that. We omit the Bible verse that talks about ‘God giving us every herb and seeded plant for us to use’ . . . no-that’s too Liberal for us up North of you . . . if we find any hemp paper Bibles here, we burn them in the fires out of fear of the 666 . . . Real Americans buy flags made in China, not from American Hemp -And We are more Red and White than Blue in this State. Adult Marijuana use is far worse than a teenage girl under 17 having her 3rd baby . . . a parent being ‘cool with pot’ is worse than the legal age of marraige: 15 (or is it 14?). I worked with an under 30yr old Sex offender who was realesed from jail a few years after realesing his seed in some little boy’s behind (and he was caught a second time -but I don’t know anything on those details or that sentence). You Texas Socialists are no match to us Okie Christian Taliban. You in Texas cannot even prove of a single pot arrest when compared to Oklahoma -yes, hashish is a ten to life since it’s ‘similar to meth’.

      • Windy says:

        You can be assured my hubby and I will never visit Oklahoma (loved the play/movie, hate the current attitude concerning drugs vs sex offenders). Think I’ll write to the governor’s office and the OK tourism bureau, too, and express my vehement opinion about why I will never visit their State and that I am informing everyone I know across the country and ask them to continue spreading the word about what a backwards and stupid policy the people and lawmakers of OK are and have, and I will be quoting your post here as proof of my opinion.

        We likely will never visit Texas, either.

  2. DonDig says:

    It sounds like rhetoric from the ’60’s. Did all information collection and assessment stop then?

    • claygooding says:

      In the 60’s the percentage of support versus opposed were a lot more lopsided,,it took 2 weeks to answer the prohibs propaganda,if the newspaper editor would print your rebuttal and by the time your side of the debate was in the paper,,no one remembered what you are ranting about,,except that drugs are bad and hippies caused every problem the US had suffered from since the Civil War,,,a lot different playing field than the one we have now.

  3. Servetus says:

    Dr. Doug Cox, who never resided outside Oklahoma for his education, has found a sanctuary from medical malpractice law suits by practicing his quackery in the Oklahoma state legislature. Someday, someone will invent political malpractice litigation, and Dr. Cox will have no where to go other than a monastery to avoid being dragged into court.

  4. Freeman says:

    Yesterday I watched an old episode of Dragnet from 1967. It was about teenage kids taking LSD. Pretty campy, not very accurate portrayal of LSD or it’s effects.

    For one thing, apparently they thought laughing would “send the wrong message”, so everybody that was “high” was in a trance-like state. They all got severe headaches and nausea, and “bum trips” were common.

    There were NO adults taking the stuff, it was all young kids, and the “pusher” (an older high-school kid) was slipping it into the drinks of ever-younger kids to get them “hooked on the stuff” as the story progressed. Many who took it didn’t like it, and complained to Sgt. Friday and crew about the horrible effects of the stuff.

    They confronted the “pusher’s” father, who said “it’s not illegal — at least it isn’t something awful like marijuana or something”. Next they pursued the “pusher” to an acid party where they just missed him, but found hundred of hits of acid (in pill form) and four REEFERS! (Can’t leave out the gateway drug reference, can we?)

    Sgt. Friday and his men explained to the TV audience that a couple of pounds of the stuff in the water supply was enough to turn everyone in LA into addicted, out-of-control psychotic zombies. They worked diligently to get laws passed prohibiting this new drug menace so that they could bust the “pusher”, but alas, he died from an “LSD overdose” before Sgt. Friday and crew could intervene and save him from himself.

    “Everything you’re about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

    Plus ca change c’est la meme chose.

  5. nick says:

    I’m glad forward thinking people like Sgt. Cocks exist to poison the minds of the general public. The whole country would be in the darkest depression caused by.. “marijuana addiction” if it wasn’t for lovely men like Sgt Cocks. I would much rather experience violent diarrhea vomit daily then have to listen to the filth this man speaks.

  6. Francis says:

    If you are a pot-head, doper, or user of illegal drugs you should always vote for my opponent because I will never, ever, vote to decrease or eliminate the penalties for marijuana use.

    Well, he’s a statist, a bigot, and a moron, but I have to give him some credit — he at least has the decency not to ask for our vote. That’s more than I can say for Obama.

  7. Dante says:

    Two points:
    “Without exception, every one of these addicts told me their entry level drug was marijuana. ”
    No, their entry level drug was oxygen. Let’s ban that and see how it works out, shall we?

    “In addition, a large number of prescription drug abusers also smoke pot.”
    They also drink beer, and smoke tobacco, and drink coffee and breathe oxygen (there it is again). What are the drug warriors doing about those dangerous drug combinations? Nothing? Why?

    Only two groups of humans benefit from the drug war: Drug Barons and Drug Warriors. The drug war will never end as long as those two groups get to decide if/when to end it.

    Protect & Serve (Themselves!)

  8. Chris says:

    Left a short message at the site, though I doubt he’ll even see it, much less so his constituents.

    “With all due respect, this article is ridiculous. Legalizing marijuana does nothing but remove the control, productions, sale, and distribution of a substance (that is safer than alcohol and tobacco) from the criminals and cartels that control it now. Certainly, some people have trouble with marijuana and other illicit drugs, just as some do with alcohol, tobacco, sugar, gambling, and many other legal substances and activities. But that minority deserves help, not condemnation and random drug testing. The rest of us deserve to be treated as adults, responsible for our own actions, rather than children whose lives must be managed for their own good.”

    • Common Science says:

      My two cents in their tray:

      It’s been four years since I have heard the term ‘amotivational syndrome.’
      In 2008 the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) had created an ad campaign against marijuana based on the state representative’s same assertion that marijuana users tend to develop ‘a condition where they lose interest in everything except making sure they have the next joint to smoke. They lose interest in the things that would make them successful in life.’

      Within a year after this theory on the ONDCP’s 2008 ‘Stoners in the Mist / Above the Influence’ website, a number of amotivated athletes made the headlines with their own distinct cannabis connections.

      They included:

      The 2008 World Record holder of the 100 and 200 meter sprint (Usain Bolt)

      The most decorated swimmer with 14 Olympic gold medals (Michael Phelps)

      The National League baseball’s Cy Young Award winner for 2009 (Tim Linecum)

      The Super Bowl XLII’s MVP (Santonio Holmes)

      The three time winner of the Alaskan Itarod (Lance Mackey)

      The ONDCP’s ‘Stoners in the Mist’ website was removed shortly thereafter, but the hilarious interactive site was archived and can be found at http://tinyurl.com/9m7tj87

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Mr. Lincecum won the Cy Young award 2 years running in 2008 and 2009. After MLB started harassing him over the cannabis due to getting busted for petty possession near the Oregon/California border his performance went into the toilet and he’s registered 2 losing seasons going 13W and 14L in 2011 and 10W and 14L in 2012.

        Mr. Mackey won 4 consecutive Iditarod victories. The last was after the also rans got their organizational authority to start urine testing the mushers for cannabis metabolites. Mr. Mackey got himself a prescription for synthetic dronabinol. His dogs were never tested for cannabis metabolites.

        Mr. Mackey also won 4 consecutive Yukon Quest titles. The Yukon Quest is a race similar to the Iditarod but not as well known outside the musher community.

        Let’s not forget about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who won the NBA season MVP 6 times including 1972, the very same 1972 when he registered his first arrest for cannabis in Denver. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar also holds the title for most points scored in his career despite not having the opportunity to score 3 point field goals for most of his career. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar has been a card carrying medicinal cannabis patient claiming the protection of the Compassionate Use Act for over a decade. His leukemia is in remission and that’s not something that happens very often to leukemia patients.

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