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September 2012



Not a good neighbor

Just in case you got the deluded notion from our bashing of the Obama administration that Romney was a good choice as a neighbor or President…

Mitt Romney Once Harangued a Neighbor for Smoking Pot, Then Called the Cops by Mike Riggs

Mitt Romney is one uptight sonofabitch, according to his neighbors in La Jolla, […]

Using the drug war to keep blacks from voting

There are so many destructive elements of our drug war, and this is just another one. It’s one that we’ve talked about here numerous times, but The Nation has a new article discussing the impact this year.

Has Florida Created a Trap at the Polls for Ex-Felons?

Lewis runs into Blair Bass, a 44-year-old customer […]



A Staten Island politician called Lady Gaga a “slut” Monday for openly smoking what appeared to be marijuana at a recent concert, and following a day of outrage, repeated the slur on Tuesday.

“There’s Gaga. Here’s this, this, I would call her a slut. This slut is influencing many, many children,” Borough President James […]

Who’s going to stop the thieves?

Americans for Forfeiture Reform reports: OIG releases and audit of DEA adoptive seizure process and equitable sharing requests

Of instances involving federal adoption of assets seized, 65% of reported samples required DEA headquarter approval to adopt the seizure because the instance lacked all of the following criteria: the seizure was based on a federal or […]

U.N. told to find alternatives to war on drugs

Latin American Leaders: UN should promote debate on alternatives to fighting drug trafficking

Calderon, Santos, and Molina all hit on this theme, without explicitly mentioning legalization (“market alternatives” was used again), but making it clear that the current policy wasn’t acceptable.

If you’re interested in watching Calderon’s fairly strong speech, see it here (skip to […]

Prosecutors above the law

We have a ton of problems here in the United States with out-of-control prosecutors who seem to be completely unaccountable (and immune to lawsuits when they abuse their position).

We’re not the only ones with that problem. Check out this story from Russia.

Zelenina heads a laboratory at the Penza Agricultural Institute, some 600 kilometres […]

Applying for a new job

Seems promising…

Dear Hillary,

I am writing to apply for the post of drug war publicist for your Mexico Drug War. I have over ten years of experience publicizing various aspects of the drug war and believe that I could step in immediately and help reinvigorate your drug war visibility.

I’m thrilled to see […]

Odds and Ends

Seven Sensational Drug Documentaries

Romney Fat Cat’s Reefer Madness – Maia Szalavitz shines a light on the Semblers.

Seattle Times Editorial: Approve Initiative 502 – It’s time to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana.


Kevin Sabet: In the South Bronx, 76 of cigarette packs collected avoided the combined NYC and State […]

When, not if

A rather curious article by Baker Institute fellow Gary Hale, former chief of intelligence in the Houston Field Division of the DEA: Legalization of marijuana: When, not if

He calls himself a pragmatist who is neither for nor against legalization, but considers it inevitable and argues that we should plan for it, by considering a […]

Open thread

I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma until Sunday, attending the Experiential Classroom througn OU. I’ve got homework and everything, so I’ll probably be swamped.

Ten Huge Issues Being Ignored in the Presidential Campaign.

ThinkProgress has this piece out and it’s nice to see that we’re not the only ones noticing. Number one on the list is […]