A nice birthday wish

Alison Pill: I Want Marijuana for My Birthday

“The best birthday in the world is to have, at most, five people over for a barbeque and to make tofu because it’s my birthday and they have to like it.” Leaning toward The Cut’s audio recorder she elaborated, “I want a birthday that involves me and the movie Oliver and Company and some Champagne and some marijuana— and I’m speaking into the microphone because it should be legal.”

Her birthday, she said, is on November 27. If you’d like to send her a care package, “that would be awesome!” Her voice rising to a shout, she concluded, “Yeah, put this shit in the magazine! Give me the best birthday ev-ah!”

Alison’s a great actress – I’ve seen her in a couple of plays in New York, and now she’s on “Newsroom.”

I think I might even put up wtih the tofu.

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9 Responses to A nice birthday wish

  1. swansong says:

    She’s easily one of the brightest parts of the NewsRooom.

    I like her even more now.

  2. stlgonzo says:

    I don’t know Pete tofu is an awfully big price to pay.

  3. Ross says:

    Kudos to her. Unfortunately, “Newsroom” is almost unbearable to watch. It’s Sorkin at his worst.

    • Common Science says:

      You might want to consider watching episode 7. Jeff Daniels pulls off some subtle acting as the anchor who self-medicates at his penthouse party for the news team.
      He consumes eight times the post-recommended  confection dose, then everybody has to scramble back to the studio to put together a historical news bulletin event. The on-air delivery is a real ‘evidence-based treat.’

      • Ross says:

        Saw it. I’ve been trudging through the episodes because (I admit, pathetically) I’m a huge Olivia Munn fan. That episode was better than most but that’s not a great compliment.

        I recommend instead that people rent “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” to see the talented Ms. Pill in a great role in an awesome movie.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Bean curds rock.

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