Inside the National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Marco wrote in to tell me about his experience being one of the chosen. Yes, he was selected to participate in a paid survey — the kind that ends up part of the government’s statistics in the war on drugs. So I think it’s interesting to hear the reactions of someone who went through it.
A couple of highlights:

The marijuana questions were more numerous than the other drugs. Most of the questions dealt with if you used, when you used, when you stopped using, how often you used, etc. It featured questions like:

“How do you feel about occasional marijuana usage by adults?”

  1. Strongly Disapprove
  2. Disapprove
  3. Neither approve nor disapprove

Woah! Where’s number 4 and 5?

As you can tell, there was a definite bias in the questions. Directly after this were questions about your spirituality and belief in God, then your mental health. […]

I got the definite feeling that this survey is going to link sanity and happiness to a persons’ spirituality and drug habits.

Not surprised.

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