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April 2012



People like that re-form. Maybe we should get us some.

Rafael Lemaitre, the communications director at ONDCP has started adding #Reform to a lot of his tweets, as though calling what they’re doing “reform” makes it so (sort of like saying they’ve ended the “war on drugs” makes that true). It’s ironic that ONDCP wants in on our label (obviously to try to take it […]

Beginning of the end?

Two articles that help emphasize the importance of the recent Summit of the Americas in Cartagena.

Douglas Haddow’s OpEd in the Guardian is a must-read: Did Cartagena mark the beginning of the end of the war on drugs?

But while lurid tales of secret service agents behaving like hirelings on a piss-up tour make for […]

Remember when ‘legalization’ wasn’t in their vocabulary?

Considering the Drug Czar famously said: “Legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary, and it is not in mine,” both of them seem to be using it an awful lot lately.

As Scott Morgan notes: We’re Winning Any Time the President is Forced to Say the Word “Legalization”

Revolutionary Shift

ONDCP calls new drug control strategy a “revolutionary shift” in policy.

The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy (pdf)

A Drug Policy for the 21st Century by R. Gil Kerlikowse at Huffington Post.

Guest Blogger Kevin Sabet says “Wake Up and Grow Up” at Phoenix House

ONDCP Communications Director Rafael Lemaitre on […]

Hempfest on Friday

If you’re in my area (central Illinois), stop by on Friday for the 10th annual HempFest, sponsored by the Illinois State University chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. I’ll be speaking at 6 pm.

Should be a great time. Details here.

Videos to watch

Hardball with Chris Matthews. Chris did a nice job of putting President Obama on the spot regarding the drug war in questioning down in Cartagena. He shows that exchange, and then has a discussion with Ethan Nadelmann and Kevin Sabet. (I don’t really like to start my day with Kevin, so I haven’t watched […]

Open Thread

Is it a sea change? Certainly we don’t expect reform to come from the top down — it’ll take an overwhelming revolt by the population to overcome the governmental self-interest. And the U.S. is firm in its resolve to keep the drug war going unchanged.

And yet, we have a huge number of leaders of […]

We don’t need no stinking silver bullets

Apparently President Obama told the other nations of this hemisphere that legalization is not a “silver bullet.” I’m sure it made the translators wonder if the President of the United States actually understands the English language.

When something is not a “silver bullet,” that means that it isn’t a one-shot quickie solution to everything, not […]


So, Obama had to convince the other countries in the hemisphere that he knows what’s best for them when it comes to international policy related to drugs.

I’m guessing this wasn’t part of his strategy…

Secret service agents sent home after Colombia prostitution allegations Members of president’s security detail recalled from Cartagena following claims of […]

Nobody knows what George Will is saying

… including George Will.

I noted in my discussion of George Will’s latest column that he seemed to be all over the place. My friend from Seattle even called me to ask “what the heck George Will was trying to say.”

It was apparently a real challenge for headline writers as well. Columnists generally don’t […]