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What he said

Glenn Greenwald The same person who directed the DOJ to shield torturers and illegal government eavesdroppers from criminal investigation, and who voted to retroactively immunize the nation’s largest telecom giants when they got caught enabling criminal spying on Americans, and … Continue reading

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Drug testing state workers ruled unconstitutional

Judge: Scott’s Drug Testing Of State Workers Unconsitutional Miami federal judge Ursula Ungaro has ruled that Governor Rick Scott’s order requiring drug testing for state workers is unconstitutional. Judge Ungaro said the blanket testing of 85,000 workers violated the Constitution’s … Continue reading

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A really bad idea

420 rally to celebrate drug-free youth The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Eagle Valley High School’s DADD (Devils Against Drinking and Drugs) Club is hosting its inaugural 420 Drug Free Rally on Friday at the Field House … Continue reading

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If not drug legalization, what?

While I was busy with other things last week, I missed the chance to talk about the excellent Leonard Pitts, Jr. column If not drug legalization, what, Mr. President? The president argued that drug dealers might come to “dominate certain … Continue reading

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