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Young Turks debate

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju4QKSqk4zQ Former DEA analyst Sean Dunagan agrees with the majority of Americans who say it is time to legalize marijuana. He debates former police officer Paul Chabot, who thinks even alcohol prohibition actually worked. Sean is a member of Law … Continue reading

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White House responds to more petitions

What We Have to Say About Marijuana and Hemp Production America’s farmers deserve our Nation’s help and support to ensure rural America’s prosperity and vitality. Federal law prohibits human consumption, distribution, and possession of Schedule I controlled substances. Hemp and … Continue reading

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Looking for the third side of a coin

“Merry” and “tragical”? “Tedious” and “brief”? That is hot ice and wondrous strange snow. How shall we find the concord of this discord? – A Midsummer Night’s Dream That scene came unbidden to my mind as I doubled over in … Continue reading

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