People like that re-form. Maybe we should get us some.

Rafael Lemaitre, the communications director at ONDCP has started adding #Reform to a lot of his tweets, as though calling what they’re doing “reform” makes it so (sort of like saying they’ve ended the “war on drugs” makes that true). It’s ironic that ONDCP wants in on our label (obviously to try to take it over).

The pathetic nature of the attempt makes me think of this scene from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.”

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8 Responses to People like that re-form. Maybe we should get us some.

  1. darkcycle says:

    Maybe Holder needs a midget with a broom?

  2. Benjamin says:

    Somehow, their “reform” doesn’t propose changing a single law. I wish just one reporter would ask that question…

    • Chris says:

      U.S. Drug Policy ‏ @ONDCP Close
      RT if you agree: Our drug problem should be addressed a public health issue, not just a criminal justice issue. #ObamaDrugPolicy #Reform

      Kind of odd to see this, but I know they don’t mean it.

      There are already 2,600+ #DrugCourts diverting non-violent offenders w/ substance use disorders to treatment instead of prison. We need more

      Ah, of course. Can’t just stop interfering with peoples lives all at once.

  3. Off-topic, but it’s Bicycle Day. It was 69 years ago today that Albert Hofmann first took LSD intentionally and rode his bicycle home. It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood, so I think I’ll take a ride…

    • darkcycle says:

      Ahhh bugger. Bicycle day….and no bicycle. (he-he, I have the other ingredients…but alas, I have a long day with a three year old)

  4. Dan Riffle says:

    While it’s true that their “reform” is in rhetoric only, and not policies, it’s still promising. They’re now having this discussion in our terms (“drugs are a health care issue, not a criminal justice issue; treatment, not incarceration; can’t arrest our way out;” etc…). If, today, they’re using the same terminology we were using 5 years ago, then there’s a good chance that 5 years from now they’ll be using the same terminology we’re using today (“regulated markets instead of black markets; drugs should be tested for purity/potency and properly labeled; licensed merchants check ID’s and pay taxes, drug dealers don’t;” etc…).

    ONDCP’s twitter feed is proof positive that advocating for a “war on drugs” is politically toxic, and anyone who advocates from a “war on drugs” perspective is seen as fringe. That’s a victory.

  5. Steve Clay says:

    Just wanted to point out, that scene is amazing and I’d completely forgotten about it.

  6. kaptinemo says:

    If this wasn’t so blatantly sophomoric, I’d laugh. That they honestly think nobody’s noticing their little scheme to ‘re-brand’ themselves is what’s so pathetic.

    “Reform”? “Revolutionary”?. When the funding schema remains the same? When LE still gets the lion’s share of appropriations? When Barney Fife is still being ‘gifted’ with Armored Personnel Carriers but EMT crews still can’t use Narcan in life-threatening situations? Oh, yeah, real ‘revolutionary’, I’d say.

    I still believe that Dave Barry was right, all those years ago, when he said there had to be a reason why pols start out seeming smart and then do really dumb things when in office…like start wars. He posited that there was a secret weapon, a Stupid Ray, that is used on office seekers. However, I believe that it is not only used just on candidates for political office, but on bureaucrats, as well.

    And, given this latest bureaucratic attempt at trying to fool the public into thinking this particularly heavily blotched leopard could change its’ spots, it must be Stupid Ray Central at ONDCP.

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