Hempfest on Friday

If you’re in my area (central Illinois), stop by on Friday for the 10th annual HempFest, sponsored by the Illinois State University chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. I’ll be speaking at 6 pm.

Should be a great time. Details here.

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8 Responses to Hempfest on Friday

  1. Peter says:

    Ah 4/20 is almost here, happens to be my wedding anniversary too ….the day is also Hitler’s birthday and, associated with that, the columbine school shootings…. I don’t believe any prohibitionist has yet to fabricate a link between cannabis and Harris and Klebold (but maybe Kevin Sabet is working on it), ……probably if they had been smokers the shootings might not have occurred.. Pete, hope you have a great and safe day on campus..

  2. darkcycle says:

    Have a Hempy day!

  3. Dante says:

    I see that Colorado’s 420 celebration will have a heavy police presence. Be careful!

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Nah, this is just easy overtime while also having the satisfaction of violating the civil rights of thousands and thousands of people.
      Say, does anyone care for a game of dominoes?

      Pot Legalization Could Save U.S. $13.7 Billion Per Year, 300 Economists Say
      Posted: 04/17/2012 1:31 pm Updated: 04/17/2012 9:00 pm

      Your plans to celebrate 4/20 this Friday could actually make the government some money, if only such activities were legal. That’s according to a bunch of economists, and some prominent ones too.

      More than 300 economists, including three nobel laureates, have signed a petition calling attention to the findings of a paper by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, which suggests that if the government legalized marijuana it would save $7.7 billion annually by not having to enforce the current prohibition on the drug. The report added that legalization would save an additional $6 billion per year if the government taxed marijuana at rates similar to alcohol and tobacco.

  4. SelwynKosciuszko says:

    I shall be celebrating by sending Jack Marschall this Link:

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