Revolutionary Shift

ONDCP calls new drug control strategy a “revolutionary shift” in policy.

bullet image The 2012 National Drug Control Strategy (pdf)

bullet image A Drug Policy for the 21st Century by R. Gil Kerlikowse at Huffington Post.

bullet image Guest Blogger Kevin Sabet says “Wake Up and Grow Up” at Phoenix House

bullet image ONDCP Communications Director Rafael Lemaitre on Twitter

By the Numbers: ZERO: Number of times the phrase “War on Drugs” is used in the President’s National Drug Control Strategy #DrugPolicyReform

Obama Drug Policy Strategy charts new course in drug policy: Rejects false choice between a “war on drugs” and “Legalization” #Science

bullet image Cops Slam Obama for Same Old “Drug War” Budget from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

bullet image “New” White House Drug Control Strategy: New Rhetoric, Same Failed Policies by Bill Piper at Huffington Post

bullet image Drug reformers slam Obama for ‘prioritizing low-level arrests’ by Stephen C. Webster at Raw Story

Here’s a headline the ONDCP probably wasn’t expecting:

bullet image White House criticizes U.S. drug policy

Keeping in line with the ONDCP “revolutionary shift,” I’ve decided to make a revolutionary shift in my diet to lose some weight. So I’m replacing chocolate cake with carrot cake. That should do it, right?

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  1. Cannabis says:

    At least the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy was released earlier than last year? The infighting at the drug czar’s office must be over now. It would be interesting to know which factions were fighting for what and how Tom McLellan and Kevin Sabet leaving changed things there.

    • claygooding says:

      Tom McClellan will be the head guy over the federal rehab centers when they open them up,,expect want ads in cities for security guards and such,,it is coming.

      Sabet is busy trying to train management teams for those rehab centers.

      • darkcycle says:

        That sounds more like “Re-education Camps” to me….

        • Duncan20903 says:


          I’ve thought that description accurate for a couple of decades now. But I grew up when the commies were getting ready to nuke America in just a few days. I don’t think the youngsters would necessarily have a clue what that phrase meant back then.

          One of the habits of the USSR was sending people convicted of minor to moderate crimes to a re-education camp where they were supposedly taught how to be good little commies. The USSR had lots and lots of thought crimes.

        • allan says:

          boy Duncan, doesn’t that just give new meaning to that old grade school phrase “duck and cover”…

  2. darkcycle says:

    This isn’t replacing chocolate cake with carrot cake. It’s more like changing the ICING from dark chocolate to white chocolate. It’s still chocolate cake. There will be no difference in the flavor of this cake. It’s still gonna taste like shit.
    Boy, they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to kill the term “Drug War” though, don’t they? Something tells me it’s gonna persist. (for one thing, I’m going to be using the term, multiple times, if possible, in every post I write).
    I do take some heart that the term is now OURS, and every time it occurs people are reminded of the utter failure of the War on drugs. No ONDCP, Sabet, et al, the drug war is alive and well.

    • Francis says:

      The drug war is alive, but it’s most definitely not well — as evidenced by the fact that it’s trying to change its name and go into hiding. I’ve got some bad news, drug war. It’s like they say: “you can run, but you can’t hide.” Your days are numbered.

    • DaiSmallCoal says:

      There’s another word they fear far more!

    • Duncan20903 says:

      You gotta include the (some)! War on (some) drugs! Just IMO.

  3. Dano says:

    Peter, you are moving in the right direction. Carrot cake has more fiber than chocolate cake, so it has to be the healthy alternative. Who could ask for clearer logic.

    In the meantime could you see about getting all the chocolate cake banned from your campus? It’s such a temptation for our youth, and they are so vulnerable, and so many suffer from being overweight. Think of the children and what kind of message chocolate cake eaters send them.

    Let’s rid ourselves of this horrible, fattening desert. Just say, “Carrot cake!”

  4. claygooding says:

    Rehab for the rich that can afford to pay for it,with probation fees and court costs added,,the poor will continue to fill our prisons,,no matter how you wrap it or what kind of bow you put on it.

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    On the thought of replacing chocolate cake with carrot cake, I don’t think you’ve thought this through Pete. Carrots are good for your eyes so you’ll be able to see your spare tire much more clearly. That would discourage you and we’d find you at the all you can eat buffet belly up to the trough. How about German chocolate cake? The Germans are famous for their devotion to discipline.

    Say, has anyone else ever noticed that the root word for discipline is disciple? Now there’s a word that’s had its meaning bastardized in the extreme.

  6. n.t. greene says:

    War implies that two armies are fighting. And guess what? The people fighting for drugs, And sometimes on drugs, are winning.

    Thanks, Bill Hicks.

  7. Duncan20903 says:


    More and more negative stuff. The only thing I really get out of stuff like these videos is me wondering if Duncan in 1993 would be jealous of us because we might not like their schemes and motives but goddam if they aren’t responding to us.

    In 1993 they ignored us. Get a permit to smoke a joint in front of the entry to the Capitol steps, put that reason in big bold letters on the permit, issue a press release announcing our intention, make sure to fax it to as many police forces* that we can think of, get the poor volunteer through the night before without having a conniption fit (virgin), draw a crowd numbering well into 3 figures, do the shtick, and those rat bastard declined to press charges. One of the most precious things at that event was the large draw and that we had the opportunity to harangue the cops for at least an hour trying to talk them into making the arrest. But they just ignored us. Hey, getting arrested was the entire freakin’ point of going there.

    *We’ve got police forces coming out of our ass here in the Nation’s Capital.

    John McKay is the man!

    Marc Emery’s U.S. prosecutor urges pot legalization
    John McKay once prosecuted B.C.’s ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery

    McKay said he did not regret prosecuting Emery because he broke U.S. law, but he believes the war on pot has been a complete and total failure. He said the laws keeping pot illegal no longer serve any purpose, but allow gangs and cartels to generate billions in profits.

    “I want to say this just as clearly and as forthrightly as I can, marijuana prohibition, criminal prohibition of marijuana is a complete failure,” McKay said.

    McKay said marijuana, like alcohol, should be produced and sold to adults by the government, and that would generate at least half a billion dollars in revenue annually in Washington State alone.

    More importantly, he said, ending prohibition would end the violent reign of gangs and drug cartels who are profiting from the situation. He said any prohibition in society requires broad support from the population, and that isn’t the case with marijuana.

    The appearance was organized by Stop the Violence BC, a coalition of high-profile academic, legal, law enforcement and health experts, which is working to reduce crime and public health problems stemming from the prohibition on marijuana.

  8. Servetus says:

    California State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, introduced a bill to change the punishment for the possession of any illicit drug in Cali from a felony to a misdemeanor.

  9. darkcycle says:

    Damn you, damn you all. I had to go get chocolate cake. Now do you see what you’ve done?

  10. allan says:

    hey all… anyone wanna help a local TV station get a hint at how popular ganja is? An interview w/ a UO Ducks’ football player claiming 50% of the players smoke herb has local NBC affiliate KMTR asking for comments (near the top of the page)(I’ll let ya know after the 11:00 news how we do):!/KMTRNews

    Ryan Cummings – FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: ESPN said it interviewed Ducks football players and found about 50% of them smoked weed.

    Oregon doesn’t allow random drug tests, and the University of Oregon can only perform one if there’s “reasonable suspicion.”

    Do you think those restrictions should change? Or, no harm – no foul? Is this just part of college life?

    We’ll share some answers tonight on NewsSource 16 11@11.</i

  11. Peace is War, Ignorance is Strength says:

    Let them eat…cake.

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