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So, Obama had to convince the other countries in the hemisphere that he knows what’s best for them when it comes to international policy related to drugs. I’m guessing this wasn’t part of his strategy… Secret service agents sent home … Continue reading

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Nobody knows what George Will is saying

… including George Will. I noted in my discussion of George Will’s latest column that he seemed to be all over the place. My friend from Seattle even called me to ask “what the heck George Will was trying to … Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation thinks legalization may take a while

PBS video: Obama Colombia Visit Renews Call to Retool U.S. Drug Policy. Ethan Nadelmann of Drug Policy Alliance and Ray Walser of the Heritage Foundation square off. The interesting part of this is that Ray Walser starts off much as … Continue reading

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Eric Holder doesn’t know the difference between murder and marijuana

A good article by Jim Wyss of the Miami Herald: At summit, drug talk likely to be hot but hidden The whole article is worth reading, but I want to highlight one small item: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told … Continue reading

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