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August 2010



Marijuana is a gateway to… divorce!

Says Calvina Fay:

Legalization would also create an influx in drugged-driving fatalities, more deteriorated neighborhoods, more divorce, more domestic violence, more child abuse, and more addiction!

And yes, she is referring to cannabis.

While she’s quite the tool now, once cannabis is legal I think I might employ her as a gardener. She claims to […]

USA Today: Police don’t actually do any drug enforcement.

Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes

Budget cuts are forcing police around the country to stop responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls as officers focus limited resources on violent crime.

Notice the glaring omission in that sentence?

Mark Kleiman is right about the need for research

Mark Kleiman has a good post about some of the problems that are occurring in the unfortunate federal legal limbo of medical marijuana (like patients losing their jobs over drug tests): Cannabis, medicine, employment, and science

He notes that it won’t be solved unless/until cannabis is legalized at the federal level or a strain of […]

Just Say Now

Tony Newman and Stephen Gutwillig have a really nice OpEd in today’s Santa Cruz Sentinel: California’s marijuana legalization initiative is already a winner

Basically, the point of the OpEd is that, regardless of the outcome, Prop 19 is already a winner because it is contributed to a major national and international discussion on the importance […]

And the avalanche continues

Editorial: The Rising Trend Against The War On Drugs (Globe and Mail, Canada)

Toronto this week became the first city in the world to formally endorse the Vienna Declaration that states that war-on-drugs-style prohibitions are a costly failure, denounces the “severe negative consequences” of such policies both in terms of public health and crime rates, […]

The war on drugs is over – jk

Baltimore Sun

“I ended the war on drugs, if you didn’t know this war was over. That was last May,” Kerlikowske said. He characterized the decades-old war on drugs as an empty “bumper sticker,” saying the country was ready for a more “complex discussion of a complex subject.”

As with the war in Iraq, […]

The Reddit Episode

Pretty funny, actually. Just Say Now tried to advertise on Reddit — you know, the discussion site with more discussions about marijuana and other drugs than just about anywhere else. Turns out Conde Nast, which owns Reddit, vetoed the ads at the “highest level”

The decision, from Conde Nast’s “corporate office,” according to Reddit, […]

Poor Michele Leonhart

Nobody seems to like her.

I wrote a rather scathing article about her when she was nominated by President George W. Bush as Deputy Administrator of the DEA.

She’s been strongly disliked by the medical marijuana community (she was standing at the podium at the beginning of medical marijuana raids back in 1998 and has […]

ONDCP says talk to your kids

Great advice from the ONDCP’s David Mineta at the drug czar’s “blog”

Finally, talk to your kids! As a parent, I can vouch for the importance of teaching our children about the proper use versus abuse of drugs.

See, excellent advice.

Oops. I left out a word from the quote.

As a parent, I […]

There are no drugs in Arizona

I’ve made fun of the idiotic notion of a drug free… well… anything, numerous times before.

The idea of a drug-free goal is so laughable that few even bring it up anymore (not just the idea of eliminating all illicit drugs, which is impossible, but what about all the prescription and over the counter drugs..).