ONDCP says talk to your kids

Great advice from the ONDCP’s David Mineta at the drug czar’s “blog

Finally, talk to your kids! As a parent, I can vouch for the importance of teaching our children about the proper use versus abuse of drugs.

See, excellent advice.

Oops. I left out a word from the quote.

As a parent, I can vouch for the importance of teaching our children about the proper use versus abuse of prescription drugs.

OK, so that’s good advice for prescription drugs. If the ONDCP can talk about the importance of truth-telling regarding prescription drugs, why don’t they ever want to talk about other drugs that way?

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5 Responses to ONDCP says talk to your kids

  1. claygooding says:

    A parent should talk to their kids,they might have a better

  2. Just me. says:

    Legal is the term we are looking for?

    Legal ,illegal. Potato,potate-o, a drug is a drug is a …anyway.

  3. MtLawnFan says:

    Don’t you see? Prescription thingies are not drugs, they are medicine. Alcohol is not a drug, it’s a beverage. Protect the children!!!!

  4. darkcycle says:

    Talk honestly and openly with your children. They will listen more and respect you for it…. and don’t forget to tell them about the ONDCP.

  5. Duncan says:

    I still recall the message that my parents sent me when I was a wee lad, and that message was that some things were for adults and not for children. Clear, concise, no nonsense and not negotiable. I was born in 1960 and people were still having cocktail parties which my parents very much enjoyed and frequently hosted. I wasn’t even allowed to drink mixers or pretend cocktails like a Shirley Temple or Virgin Mary. While I cleary recall that message 4 decades later I have no memory of lawmakers or government agents sending a message of any kind. My first vivid political memory was when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. The next such memory was the announcement that Tricky Dick had been forced to tender his resignation. I do seem to recall the day JFK was killed but it’s only a memory of how sad everyone in my life had suddenly become and that they offered me no explanation. I was also aware that George Wallace from Alabama was running for president but that was only because I had an uncle named George Wallace. In my 7 year old mind it was a good enough reason that the politician George Wallace should be elected.

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