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August 2010



There are no drugs in Arizona

I’ve made fun of the idiotic notion of a drug free… well… anything, numerous times before.

The idea of a drug-free goal is so laughable that few even bring it up anymore (not just the idea of eliminating all illicit drugs, which is impossible, but what about all the prescription and over the counter drugs..).

Of course, we still have the ridiculous hold-overs from those days — Partnership for a Drug Free America and Drug Free America Foundation are prime examples.

But I recently found an organization name that surprised even me.

I was reading a really bad OpEd (that was crammed full of lies) by Ed Gogek about an Arizona medical marijuana bill. The article mentioned that Gogek, besides being an addiction psychiatrist, was on the steering committee of Keep Arizona Drug Free

Wow. This was really startling. This is no unattainable pipe dream of some future drug free world. They’re saying that they’ve already got it, and they want to keep it.

Who knew? Arizona is drug free.

Makes you wonder, though, what an addiction psychiatrist does there…

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14 comments to There are no drugs in Arizona

  • mikekinseattle

    Of course, the blog over at ‘Keep Arizona Drug Free’ won’t take comments.

  • Rhayader

    I remember back in high school — I graduated in 2002 — reading some poster about some government “promise to the future” or some such crap. Basically it was a government-produced propaganda poster about all the great things the federal government did for public schools.

    Of course, being in a public school, the poster was a good couple of years outdated, and still up on the wall. One of the bullet points listed was “Every school in America will be completely drug free by the year 2000.” This was around 2001. I laughed my ass off, then probably went outside to smoke a joint.

  • Taktix┬«

    Rent-seeking bastard!

    With any sort of reform, Mr. Gogek will cease having courts sending him business…

  • darkcycle

    Wait. Maybe we’re reading it wrong. Maybe they mean Drugs are free IN Arizona. Because I checked around, and I’m pretty sure I could score some there.

  • bobreaze

    Hey i know this is off topic but aparently cops can place a gps secretly on your car without a warrent. Only in Amerikka

  • Maria

    There are nooo drugs in Arizona, and the streets are paved with cheese.

  • Ripmeupacuppa

    Hey, this is fun!

    There are nooo drugs in Arizona, and we’ll be flying to Mars for christmas in the Chase Tower.

  • hmmm, given that he is a psychiatrist, i’ going to go out on a limb and guess that one of the things he does is to write prescriptions for mind-altering drugs

    maybe he tells his patients they need to fill those prescriptions elsewhere since arizona has no drugs

  • marvin the martian

    Free drug is the choice for me. Dare to keep cops off donuts. This is your brain on drugs, this is your brain with a side of toast and bacon. All drugs not supplied by big pharma and the trust your mechanic sickcare doctors are bad…mmmmkay.

  • Duncan

    Oh, we don’t smoke marrywanna in Muskogee,
    we don’t take no trips on LSD,
    we don’t burn our draft cards on Main Street,
    we like livin’ right and being free

    The youtube video linked below is almost as bizarre as Lawrence Welk covering “One Toke Over the Line” by Brewer & Shipley. Here we have the Grateful Dead with the Beach Boys covering Okie from Muskogee:

    Willie Nelson covered it as well. But nobody believed he wasn’t smoking pot in Muskogee.

    Search for “Lawrence Welk tokes” if you want to see that precious musical misplacement.

  • Brian

    Hey Pete, check out the homepage at; the users and admins are openly revolting against the Reddit’s parent company (Conde Nast) for censoring “Vote Yes on 19” ads.

  • Bruce

    E-voting ongoing scams beggar belief.
    Canadian company now involved. I was unawares.

  • Just me.

    There are noooo drugs in Arizona! And bush found WMD’s !