Marijuana is a gateway to… divorce!

Says Calvina Fay:

Legalization would also create an influx in drugged-driving fatalities, more deteriorated neighborhoods, more divorce, more domestic violence, more child abuse, and more addiction!

And yes, she is referring to cannabis.

While she’s quite the tool now, once cannabis is legal I think I might employ her as a gardener. She claims to be able to produce 240,000 joints from a 5′ by 5′ piece of dirt.

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39 Responses to Marijuana is a gateway to… divorce!

  1. Florida says:

    If anything, I could imagine marijuana lowering divorce rates. Alcohol increases the likelihood of abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) in a relationship. Marijuana, from my experience, causes the users to sit down and discuss things like considerate adults.

    Of course we can all refute the opposition’s claims of increased drugged-driving fatalities, violence, and addiction. Where the hell does claim of divorce come from?

  2. hamburger train says:

    Comedians are out of work and Calvina needs to call a comedy agent, too hilarious. Marijuana is a gateway to the food pantry and refrigerator. Get too high and watch the shopping channel for 3 hours.

  3. Paul says:

    Speaking of coming legalization:

    There are poll results if you scroll down. Looking good for our team, but the results are so varied you wonder just how accurate these polls really are.

    And 10% undecided? Really? After all this time, there are 10% who just can’t figure out if they think pot should be legal or not?

    A victory would be soooooo fine. Imagine what the Mexican press is going to say when CA legalizes. Imagine the dismay of all the prohibition villains, the cops, the crypto-racists, the law and order fanatics, the odious prison guards’ union, the rehab industry, prosecutors and judges, the drug czar, their intellectual enablers and apologists…ah! Sweeter than honey, ambrosia of the Gods!

    Democracy, Yes!

  4. Drew says:

    That woman is a False Prophet (of Prohibition). Already she is flying in the face of statistics I’ve heard about Portugal, Amsterdam, and states with mmj laws, namely that teen use goes down.

    The big question is will she publicly eat crow once it’s legal and all her false prophesies don’t come true, or will she be a part of the underground movement which I predict we need to be alert for?

    But isn’t she just living up to the name of her organization? Just check out these anagrams for Drug Free America: Crude Fear Mirage and Rude Farce Mirage.

    Talk about a selfish minority, she and her minion are holding the whole world hostage, overseeing its bankruptcy, and gloating over the lives lost! Maybe she hasn’t got the memo about how the U.S. is ~5% of the world population but has ~25% of the world’s prisoners. And for sure not all of us in the U.S. are in favor of prohibition, so what’s this mean? 1% or less of the population is bullying the whole world to do their evil will?

    “…perceived rights of the minority – drug users who want the freedom to use their drugs of choice…” Clearly she’s one of the “DAMN GOD TO HELL for Making these Plants!” types. Drink up ma’am, I was thinking of you when I wrote this other one too, “Blood is on Whose Hands?!.” You should be glad it seems I can’t leave comments at the CSM webpage.

    I have to admit that I’d like to see less alcohol abuse, and I mean that in the true sense, not the traditional meaning-mangled use. Time today: Why Do Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers? It’s already long been known that moderate drinkers live longer than either of the above, but this latest is interesting news.

    Ms. Fay, all your idols are breaking up.

  5. gravyrug says:

    If she can grow that much pot in that small a space, why haven’t the cartels recruited her for their grow operations? Just think of the increased production!

  6. Drew says:

    That woman clearly doesn’t give one whit about the cost to Mexico! (I’m creating some PBS News Hour page/videos now.) A gross cost of lives and terror and stress. Which our government forks over insane billions of dollars to pay for. Does she really have any shred of concern or morals or “family values” or is it all just painted on?

    She sounds a bit like a cop I met once who blew up on me and practically screamed in my face about how EVERYONE would be overdosing, vomiting, and dying in the streets if we legalized drugs.

  7. Bruce says:

    I’ve discovered in plying my construction trade {Flatlined at the moment} the best way to bring out the true colors in someone is to recommend the term ‘relax’
    7 of ten will go off like a gun, RELAX??? WE CAN”T RELAX!
    Too funny.

  8. Duncan says:

    I want some of what she’s smoking! Man that must be some good chit!

  9. Scott says:

    Yet another proclamation of disaster upon weakening our drug laws.

    Anyone in the mainstream media want to challenge these people to provide solid evidence supporting similar proclamations made back when, for example, medical marijuana was made legal in 14 states (including California almost a decade and a half ago)?

    These proclamations are baseless, and yet essential for the prohibitionists (if there is no disaster, there is no need for corresponding drug laws). Is our movement taking full advantage of their critical weakness?

  10. Maria says:

    It’s always disturbing to me how those simpleminded “consequences” are thrown around as “fact” against legalization of cannabis.

    But there’s some hope. All of those consequences are now, for the most part, seen as terribly prejudiced when used as “facts” to try and derail interracial marriage.

    That’s what struck me when reading her list and many like it. All of her reasons to keep the status quo have already been given. They have all been used as the consequences of allowing interracial marriage (and much more). The only ones that haven’t been used to disparage interracial marriage is that of increased driving fatalities and addiction. However, increased drug use and alcoholism where thrown around as a major consequence of the races mixing. So it goes.

    Ps. Drew, I wish more Christians looked to their faith from such a perspective and understood what’s really going on. Despite my severe misgivings with the church and organized religion in general I’ve enjoyed your site and recommend it to my more conservative friends/acquaintances. I understand how important it is to reach as wide an audience as possible with a core message: What is going on is Wrong. We need to reach out to all sorts of demographics and spread that message as best we can.

  11. Duncan says:

    Don’t you know those dispensaries are causing all sorts of crime? In June there were 3 people working in LA dispensaries that got themselves murdered. Don’t you think that was inconsiderate of them, particularly since their murders caused their blood to make a mess on the floor? Somebody had to clean that up you know, and they’ll be lucky if they don’t get AIDS for their trouble. You do know that AIDs is spread by drug users, right? Do crime scene clean up people deserve to die from AIDS? All manner of robbery, murder, and urinating in public are happening because of the dispensaries. Do you realize that if the dispensaries hadn’t opened the poor robbers/murderers/urinators would have been singing in the church choir and helping elderly ladies to cross the street instead of being forced into a life of crime by these good for nothing dopers?

    I’ve really got to polish my resume. I think I could have a lucrative career in propaganda.

  12. claygooding says:

    While I have never heard of cannabis use as a cause of violence,I know for a fact that it has stopped a bunch.
    And since cannabis is less addictive than coffee,we can probably absorb any health care costs,since there are relatively little according to research done in Canada
    regarding health care costs from cannabis,alcohol,and tobacco.

  13. ezrydn says:

    Hey, Paul,

    Say the Pledge of Allegiance slowly and notice that the word democracy isn’t included. It’s a “Republic!”

    People keep getting that mixed up for some reason.

  14. strayan says:

    I was introduced to growing in elementary school. We filled a sock with soil and some grass seed. We tied off the sock and dangled the loose end in a jar of water. The sock absorbed the water up to the soil and grass eventually sprouted through the top; which we trimmed like human hair. We used red marker we draw some eyes so it resembled human head.

    True story.

  15. Just me. says:


  16. malcolmkyle says:

    Instead of marching let’s end the War on Drugs

  17. darkcycle says:

    Marijuana leads to divorce. I’ll tell that to my wife of twenty-three years. I’m sure she will be very concerned. As for Calvina’s garden of wonders….240,000 joints from a 5′ by 5′ space. Calvina! Tell us your secret! That must be some crop you have going!
    Look, reality was NEVER Cavina Fay’s long suit.

  18. allan420 says:

    Calvina… the cartels must love you… I wish someone would track down who the money people are behind Calvina. One of her groups (SOS) donated $50K to an umbrella org (Protect Our Society – POS) here in Oregon. Is that Sembler money? Fortunately tho’ Calvina has become more an anachronism and that whole inner circle of Prohibs are losing ground daily… the more of us who laugh at this emperor with no clothes the safer others feel to join in our mockery of what is, truly, gross misconduct and abuse of people, power and money.

  19. gonzostl says:

    240,000 joints form a 5×5 patch. If we figure a joint is a gram worth of pot. That is 535.7143 pounds of pot from that 5×5 garden. I do want her to be my gardener.

  20. i am constantly disappointed by the weak-dick (non)arguments presented by our side of this issue too.

    while calvina’s screeching harpie approach is easily discredited, i’m afraid that paul armentano said nothing of actual substance in his piece.

    the piece is just one more idiotic “yes it does” “no it doesn’t” bunch of bullshit — which sadly enough has been exactly the same over the past 40 years.

  21. Servetus says:

    Marijuana prohibition is a gateway to a government job fair for thousands of nutballs and parasitic opportunists who think and act like Calvina Fay.

    In a different life, Calvina would be just another birther or Holocaust denier. In a drug war, Calvina gets to cloak herself with the faux credibility offered by state officialdom.

  22. Hope says:

    I’ll sue you for talking about my organization’s documented connections to child abuse…

  23. Cliff says:

    One of the things that kept my marriage with my former wife of over 14 years (before she died in 2004) was her allowing me to responsibly consume cannabis. She never asked to share my stash with her, because she personally didn’t like it, but she told me a hundered times that she was glad that I smoked cannabis almost exclusively (occassional beer excepted) because I didn’t stay out all night drinking and never lifted my fist toward her in anger like her exes did, who almost exclusively drank alcohol. We were always able to sit down and talk about things rather than fight. I think most responsible cannabis consumers are like this.

  24. paul says:


    In this case, it’s direct democracy because it is a ballot proposition. Nobody asked the drones in Sacramento if we could pretty please put prop 19 on the ballot. California isn’t a pure republic.

  25. Just me. says:

    A republic is a form of government in which the people or some portion thereof retain supreme control over the government,[1][2] and in which the head of government is not a monarch.[3][4] The word “republic” is derived from the Latin phrase res publica, which can be translated as “a public affair”.

    Both modern and ancient republics vary widely in their ideology and composition. The most common definition of a republic is a state without a monarch.[3][4] In republics such as the United States and France, the executive is legitimized both by a constitution and by popular suffrage. In the United States, James Madison defined republic in terms of representative democracy as opposed to direct democracy,[5

    Democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

  26. allan420 says:

    @ Cliff… besides trying to make a “living” I volunteer for an event medicine organization (think rockmed). Since 1997 I’ve worked hundreds of shows. All kinds of music… from Christian rock to rap/hip hop, reggae and country and big music names and small local bands. Give me a show (Franti… reggae…) where the crowd is predominantly cannabists any day. No fights, people smiling and dancing (or doing the hippy wave and sway thing)… but a show where alcohol is the drug of choice… we’re guaranteed to have incidents of overintoxication, fights, falls, passing out, puking…

    Just consider the Netherlands and Portugal when they held European championship soccer tournaments (2000 and 2004, respectively I believe) and subtly encouraged cannabis consumption yet cracked down on public drunkenness… far safer, less violent occasions both times.


  27. Duncan says:

    Hope I swear on the proverbial stack of bibles that I made up my ‘propaganda’ post above. I honestly hadn’t seen that clip and was just trying to make fun of the prohibitionists. Then I watched that clip and for crying out loud the woman was actually using arguments that I thought that I’d spun from whole cloth, right down to how the dispensary workers had gotten themselves murdered. Will somebody please club me in the head and put me out of my misery? Please?

    This woman actually claims that she’s sober? And people believe her?? 240,000 joints is a lot of joints. A master cultivator would expect to take a little less that 2500 grams per year from a 5×5 assuming that Murphy doesn’t visit his grow. I suppose you could turn that into 10,000 pin joints. Though I have no clue why anyone would roll joints in this day and age. Don’t people know you lose about 65% of the potential effect when you smoke a joint? Anyway, a ‘joint of merrywanna’ is not a unit of measure. Are they restaurant toothpick sized or a bit larger?

    A classic movie clip which find the protaganists comparing the size of two joints, one at either extreme. Definitely some good shit.

    There’s something kind of sad about a 64 year old man dressed in a tutu and lip syncing a punk rock song that’s more than 30 years old.

    “Calvina talkin’ to me tries to tell me how to live,
    but I don’t listen to her because my head is like a sieve.”

  28. Cliff says:

    allan, yeah, my fiance and I work at a blues festival as volunteers every year and go to as many live performances as our new economy wages allow. I know what you are saying. The gatherings where cannabis is primarily used, rather than alcohol, are cleaner, safer and more polite. Also, people look out for each others welfare and safety more where cannabis is the primary substance of choice.

  29. garrettt says:

    I’m still waiting for the 120 thousand joints to cause a plague of destruction in this country! I see it on the verge of happening even now. GD potheads and their 120 thousand joints!
    Actually, I blame this economic recession on all the loser potheads. They did it! And their freakin 120 thousand joints that they rolled out of one ounce of MARIJUANA! MARIJUANA! So deadly, just stay far far away… It kills in 120 hours on an overdose of potato chips … YEAH!
    Just listen to your corporate overlords, you want to stick to alcohol, cigarettes, and a side of perception pain medicine.

  30. malcolmkyle says:

    In hindsight, it is amazing that so many economists and historians were able to look back on prohibition, the Crash and the Depression without noticing the causal links between them–assuming they coexisted by the sheerest of coincidence. Back then the connection between prohibition and the economy was asserted daily and hotly debated. More…
    The book sheds light on the causes of the Panic of 1893, Panic of 1907, and several lesser financial convulsions. It just might help to understand recent crashes during the Reagan (1987) and Clinton (2000) administrations, for the same ingredients were there.

  31. Maria says:

    @Hope I just watched that RT video with Fay. I should remember not to watch such things in the mornings. It’s infuriating. Every time I hear or read anything from her I find myself bewildered by how someone can spout so many sincere lies in one breath. But I’m not surprised.

    She reminds me of a woman I once worked with, she was head of HR. She thought of herself as an armchair psychologist, mother hen and moral compass. She truly believed that she understood all human motivations, behaviors, emotions and the true path of right and wrong and that most importantly, it was part of her job to guide employees along the right path. She held a BBA and had attended some motivational courses. She was cunning and she treated every fellow employee as a child. She was convinced that no one should function without her moral guidance and most importantly, without her stamp of approval on their behavior, no matter how small or unrelated to the job. It was not an act or a play for power and a promotion. It was truly her calling, she fuckin’ lived this calling. She was only held in check by upper management. But that didn’t stop her too much.

    She knew she could make your life a mess and she liked it. Acted in her position with a severe primness and coiled politeness that was blood boiling and spine chilling. No, I’m not exaggerating. Fays public persona (I’m assuming her private one isn’t much different) reminds me of that woman. I swear they clone ’em somewhere. She’s not to be underestimated, no matter how idiotic her words come across to rational people. She might be a tool but so are gas powered augers and chainsaws. And they can do a lot of damage if allowed to.

  32. Duncan says:

    The 1987 crash was not related to the economy it was purely a programmed trading glitch which snowballed. More accurately called a black swan event, a minor tweaking of program trading rules should make it impossible for re-occurence. Basically more than one computer was trading stocks according to it’s programming and these computers got into a selling frenzy. The entire loss on that October day was regained in not a particularly long time frame.

    There were no funnymentals involved in the 1987 crash.
    ———————————————————————————————————————Survey question which I’d like to see:

    Calvina Fay, is she a good witch, or a bad witch?

  33. Steve in Clearwater says:

    A quarter MEAL-YUN doobies!


    Dr Evil

    ps….Is that better or worse yield than the 250 doobies one can roll with three ounces of pot – per the AmericanFamilyAssociation fundraiser in 2006?

  34. Tim says:

    Maria: They’re out to lunch, but I haven’t let my guard down. Same thing with Sabet, who has now infiltrated the ONDCP.

  35. Tim says:

    One thing I have seen though: cannabis has given many people the courage to leave physically or emotionally abusive marriages!

  36. Duncan says:

    “Don’t you know those dispensaries are causing all sorts of crime? In June there were 3 people working in LA dispensaries that got themselves murdered.”

    Since I posted that small piece of lame wit I’ve gotten to hear it actually said twice, more or less. In the link posted above by Hope was the first and here’s Here’s LA Sheriff Lee Baca regurgitating that thinking:

    I’ll be over in the corner beating my head against the wall if you need me.

  37. Hope says:

    Maria. Calvina Fay has, no doubt, been a very powerful tool of the prohibitionists for decades.

    She is an oppressively powerful person. She’s very hard. Wickedly hard. No mercy. No understanding. No gentleness or kindness seems to live in her in any way.

    I think Kathy Bates used her as a model for her role as the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. I was stunned to see her persona for the performance. It seemed as though Bates was channeling Calvina Fay in the role. Stunning. Even her hairdo seemed to be based on some of the early pictures on the Internet of Fay.

  38. Time Horizon says:

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