And the avalanche continues

Editorial: The Rising Trend Against The War On Drugs (Globe and Mail, Canada)

Toronto this week became the first city in the world to formally endorse the Vienna Declaration that states that war-on-drugs-style prohibitions are a costly failure, denounces the “severe negative consequences” of such policies both in terms of public health and crime rates, and urges a shift in emphasis to regulation and harm reduction.

It would be easy to dismiss the city council’s decision as a meaningless gesture by local politicians working well out of their depth, except that the push to decriminalize, not only marijuana, but hard drugs like cocaine and heroin as well, is a rising international phenomenon, being driven by serious and credible sources, not by local politicians or stoner websites. […]

The record suggests current federal government policy will not succeed in achieving any reduction of use, crime or harm. Canada, consequently, should resurrect the legislation to decriminalize marijuana and embark on a broader national discussion about policy on harder drugs, and the need for harm reduction in Canada.

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5 Responses to And the avalanche continues

  1. Bruce says:

    Nothing will change in Canada in the foreseeable future IMHO
    The cops have 500 million of G20 security funds which went unspent. Harper is a Ghoul, Ignatief is a NWO Tool,
    New supermax prisons in the works. Asset siezure and forfieture in the works. Any discussion descends into table-pounding acrimony.
    Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord…
    Can I come with you.. God?

  2. DEXtronaut says:

    well bruce, better we try to change it now before it gets worse.

  3. Bruce says:

    Absolutely DEX, have quit my job, sold the extra auto, boycotting everything, Pilots licence shredded. Shutting em down. In June my gas purchases totalled 9 dollars.

    Have not been out after dark since xmas 2008

    Man I miss being able to go out for coffee, and being able to smoke in the Cafewhile doing so.

  4. claygooding says:

    I keep waking each morning and watch CNN for about 15 minutes,waiting for the banner announcing the true end of
    the war on drugs,which can only be announced by huge cuts in the ONDCP budget and the restructuring of it and the satellite agencies that exist to support prohibition.
    The verbal announcement by Kerli and the continued budgeting of law enforcement proves that the announcement is lip service only.

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