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The best worst choice

The Daily Caller reports that recent efforts to get Obama to reconsider his choice of keeping Michele Leonhart as the head of the DEA have failed. But according to a senior White House official, not even the combined grassroot powers … Continue reading

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Scientists? We don’t need no stinkin’ scientists.

The Drug Czar’s “blog” continues its orgy of back-to-school “advice,” this time from Assistant Deputy Secretary Kevin Jennings. It may be obvious but, as students across the country head back to school and colleges this fall, it bears repeating: young … Continue reading

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Cost savings in California prisons

California is a state in financial crisis. California also has the largest prison population in the country, after unprecedented growth in the past two decades. And California’s cost per inmate is $45,045 compared to the national average of $28,689. This … Continue reading

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