The Reddit Episode

Pretty funny, actually. Just Say Now tried to advertise on Reddit — you know, the discussion site with more discussions about marijuana and other drugs than just about anywhere else. Turns out Conde Nast, which owns Reddit, vetoed the ads at the “highest level”

The decision, from Conde Nast’s “corporate office,” according to Reddit, pertained not just to images of a marijuana leaf, but of all marijuana legalization advertising.

Well, naturally, everyone at Reddit got pretty pissed off.

The updates from Reddit to this story are really delightful:

The reddit admins were just blindsided with news that, apparently, we’re not allowed to take advertising money from sites that support California’s Prop 19 (like this one, for example). There’s a lot of rabble flying around, and we wanted to make some points:

  1. This was a decision made at the highest levels of Conde Nast.
  2. reddit itself strongly disagrees with it, and frankly thinks it’s ridiculous that we’re turning away advertising money.
  3. We’re trying to convince Corporate that they’re making the wrong decision here, and we encourage the community to create a petition, so that your anger is organized in a way that will produce results.
  4. We’re trying to get an official response from Corporate that we can post here.

Please bear with us.

Edit: We have a statement from Corporate: “As a corporation, Conde Nast does not want to benefit financially from this particular issue.”

Edit 2: Since we’re not allowed to benefit financially, reddit is now running the ads for free.


This is an open thread.

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14 Responses to The Reddit Episode

  1. Bruce says:

    HQ lol
    Come in Headquarters
    Is anybody out there?

    The Mexican NarcoBlog has gone dead.
    Sheesh I had just figured out how to get it to translate.
    Hope it comes back up again. Peace

  2. darkcycle says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ads for free! Conde Nast, are you listening? Go get ’em, Jane!!

  3. Kamizar says:

    Wow, Conde Nast picked the wrong side of this debate, at the end of the day, money is money and hits are hits.

  4. allan420 says:

    dangerous area ahead, hard hats required, beware of falling debris.


    Patsy Cline is singin’ Walking After Midnight… my kids are home and happy, it’s summer and the moon rides a cloudy night sky and the Oregon green is sweet indeed…

    Thud! Thud!

    Keep swingin’ those hammers y’all, we’ve got a rhythm going… as we used to say, back in the day, “si, se puede!” Or, as they said in Berlin when they hit their rhythm beating down their terrible wall “Jah, wir können!”

    Or… as my Norwegian grandfather used to say, “jah sure, you betcha kid…”

  5. allan420 says:

    does this also mean Conde Nast won’t be taking money from the anti-19 folks? Who draws these arbitrary lines?

    The fact that all this continues in order to protect a lie and a fraud… it’s almost enough to piss a fella off. Knowing we’re winning, slow but sure, helps temper the anger. I mean how many of those Conde Nast suits know who Donald Scott is, or Peter McWilliams, or… or…

  6. Bruce says:

    Heyy its back up again, thanks to whoever originally supplied this link.

    What a nightmare we are witnessing.
    A candle lit for Mexico
    and the US
    and Canada

  7. Ripmeupacuppa says:

    Just needed to share this:

    David B wrote: 20h 52m ago
    Wow. Cops in Detroit, which has become this kind of vast urban wasteland, this weird dystopian mix of Gotham City and the world of Mad Max, decide that they have the time and resources to waste on somebody selling too much pot. Not even illegal, mind you, but just exceeding their limits.

    If I were a Detroit taxpayer, and I had time to think whilst ducking bullets and scrounging around for unopened canned goods, I’d be mad as the devil.

  8. Duncan says:

    The death toll in Mexico has become so extreme that it’s only newsworthy if the country goes a full 24 hours without a prohibition related murder.

  9. allan420 says:

    so let’s see… in 2009 the civilian death toll in Iraq was around 4500… Afghanistan maybe 2000 – 2500… and those are wars. Perhaps we should call Mexico’s brouhaha “the war in Mexico.”

    And these pinstriped pinheads are worried about a picture of a leaf? Really? Really?

  10. ezrydn says:

    However, you just know that Reddit will accept anti-MJ leave ads. They won’t lose everything over an arbitrary line in the sand. No, they’ll loop and swirl it so it allows such things.

    It’s fun to see all this happening as I have a growing list of “Do Not Use” websites and offerings. I’ve placed all their “known names” on the several banned lists of words I run so they get no mention from me. Fump’em!

  11. ezrydn says:

    Something’s that’s very noticable over at DEA Watch. All those agents only have three areas of discussion:

    1. Bitch
    2. Moan
    3. Job Security

    No. 1 is normally directed, even worded, toward Michele, their’s, not his.

    No. 2 is directed at any location upward from their personal position thru the chain of command, all the way to the top.

    No. 3 is their creme de la creme. That’s their sole concern. Not their duty, nor their obligation to ALL fellow Americans, none of that. Only J-O-B Security! That all important “I’ll kill anyone for a decent” paycheck!

    All the while, they sit in their offices on their fat asses posting on DEA Watch with laptops WE provided, not, and I repeat, NOT, doing what they swore an oath to do. They all need to be “pasture-ized.”

  12. BruceM says:

    Are they really running the ads for free?

    Everyone should boycott any private politically-neutral company that refuses, out of cowardice, to run perfectly legal political advertisements.

    Damn that pisses me off.

    exrydn: all cops get off on the power of their shiny little badges and “Exempt” license plates and feel they are entitled to a paycheck when they’d all do the work for free (being the sociopaths that they are). Cops shouldn’t be paid anything, they are already all on the take, using their job as police to gain/coerce money from secondary sources – from selling drugs to getting paid to testi-lie, $60+ an hour to commit perjury in criminal trials. We should pay cops nothing, we’d still have plenty of them.

    I think we should have two police forces, A and B, yellow and green, whatever, and each gets paid depending on the number of arrests/citations/tickets/convictions they get on officers in the other force. I’d love to see a police car pull over another police car for speeding. There’s no reason the police should obey they law when they know with 100% certainty that they not only don’t have to, but will be defended for breaking the law. The power to exercise your need to be the violent prick asshole douchebag you are is worth doing for free. Hell we could make police officers PAY $100 per day and make them buy their own guns and vehicles, and we’d still get plenty of police officers. Don’t require any training (which is useless anyway, they do whate they want and prosecutors tell them what to say in court regardless of what they actually did) and let anyone who wants to join the force join, and we’d triple the number of police officers on the streets, and it would not only not cost the taxpayers anything, it would be a revenue source for the government. And the cops wouldn’t be any more corrupt than they are now.

    Nobody should be entitled to job security. When a job becomes pointless, outdated, dangerous, or against public policy it should be done away with. Lots of people used to deliver blocks of ice, then the refrigerator was invented. Now they’re out of jobs. A shiny ice delivery man badge shouldn’t have changed that fact.

  13. ezrydn says:

    I wanted to use this open thread to alert any VN vets on-board that the Agent Orange Presumptives are now published in the Federal Register. It’s time to gt your claims into the VA as they’ll be swamped with this one. I got mine in last October when I first heard about it. More info at:

    We fought long and hard for this and today, it’s here. Time to take advantage of it. It’s “Presumptive,” folks. You don’t have to prove it like all the others.

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