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May 2005




Not today. 183 days and counting since the oral arguments in Raich v. Ashcroft. Here are the decisions that came from the Supreme Court today. Next day is Monday, June 6.

Why we must educate the press on the dangers of ‘Experts’

In this article: Addiction Worker Warns Abuse Is Deadly, Norma Medulun, Hotel Dieu Hospital’s director of addiction, autism and developmental services, delivers one of the most stupid statements I’ve heard from a prohibitionist in some time.

“Ongoing use of marijuana will lead to diseases of the lung such as you get with tobacco because of […]

You can make a difference

I reported a few days back on a fairly bizarre article from Virginia about (in part) the assistance that Andrea Barthwell and John Pastuovic have provided for promoting a school drug testing program in Williamsburg. Several people contact the editor about the story, and he appears truly interested in learning more; he indicated that he […]

Logic in the drug war? Not in sight.

John Cole does a very nice riff on a throw-away post of mine. Be sure to catch the “punch line” at the end.

Tennessee Taxman Cometh, part 2

Egalia adds more information:

Nashville Police Bust 60-Year-Old Cancer Victim for 303 Pounds of Medical Marijuana

Also at Kos. It looks like they’re doing some really creative weighing there (maybe they have the policeman holding the plants step on the scale…)

Painter gets life for .02 grams of shabu

That’s right,

THE Quezon City Regional Trial Court [Thursday] sentenced to life imprisonment a painter for selling a 0.02 gram of shabu to a cop two years ago.

OK, I admit my first reaction was that it sounded excessive, but I had no clue what shabu was, and was thrown by the bizarre measure of […]

Who wrote it?

Marty Lederman at SCOTUSblog continues to speculate about who is writing the Raich v. Ashcroft opinion (which, of course, might have some bearing on guessing the result). His current view? Colonel Mustard wrote it using a Candlestick in the Library. Although it might have been Miss Scarlet…

Once beautiful Colombia

Paquita writes to me:

Poor Colombia, I love that country.

The Indians are like a slice of cheese in a sandwich, the AUC on the Northen slope and the FARC on the Southern one. No ceasefire at all, the paramilitaries are invading more and more. A lot of killings. The indians are terribly afraid […]

Stupid Headline of the Day

The editorial in the Argus:

Restricting sales of cold meds key to war on drugs

Wow. Good thing we finally figured that one out. Now we can win the war on drugs. Second stupidest headline of the day? The editorial in the Oakland Tribune:

Cold medication regulation key to war on drugs


The Tennessee Tax Man Comes

A 60- year old man recovering from cancer who uses marijuana is busted for “a few baby-sized plants and a small amount of commercial weed.” Before the case is even heard, the Tennessee Tax man comes and charges him for non-payment of the marijuana tax, seizing all cash, cars, and putting a lien on the […]