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February 2004



Chicago Trib tells Drug Czar’s pet “doctor” that the public knows better

Drug Czar Shares his Qualifications for the Job

The Drug Czar went to Akron to try to score some child urine. But local officials are skeptical of the push for drug testing.

The superintendent suggested that perhaps the Bush administration should test itself before requiring the same of students.

This is when our Drug Czar proudly showed his credentials:

Walters said […]

Update on Illinois Senate Candidates

I’ve added the Illinois Senate Candidates’ responses to Vote-Smart’s survey on drug issues to the Senate Candidates page. Still not enough information for me to give endorsements, but I’m working on it. If any of the campaigns wish to contact me with more information about their views, I’d love to hear from them.


Government agency spends our money, investigates self, says ‘It’s all good’

The Drug Czar’s office has given out yet another self-congratulatory press release: New Survey Shows More Teens Recognize Harms of Marijuana: Exposure and Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Advertising Continues to Rise. This comes from their release of the Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), which has become the method by which the ONDCP has decided it […]

The new legalization tactics in Nevada

Sorting fact from bad science and government propaganda

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a good overview article on Ricaurte’s false ecstasy studies.

The fallout from the mistake has brought not only Dr. Ricaurte’s reputation into question, but also that of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which has supported his research for years. “It kind of gives science a black eye […]

Teachers: Not In Our Joint

Tony Blair holds hands with our Drug Czar and seeks children’s urine.


Tony Blair was tonight facing a wave of opposition from across the teaching profession over his plans for random drugs testing in schools.

The move – which could see sniffer dogs in classrooms and pupils being ordered to give urine samples – was greeted with a mixture of confusion and dismay.


A phony war defeats free speech

Robyn E Blumner of the St. Petersburg Times writes an outstanding column about how drug warriors are so afraid of the truth, that they continually resort to censorship.

The beauty of Jefferson’s marketplace of ideas is that it opens our society to all voices and all arguments, presuming the most persuasive will rise to […]

Assistant principal admits planting marijuana in student’s locker

From today’s Herald Palladium in Michigan.

SOUTH HAVEN — Facing a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, South Haven High School’s assistant principal, Pat Conroy, resigned Friday, Schools Superintendent Dave Myers said…

In his police report, South Haven Deputy Police Chief Tom Martin said Conroy told him that last year he placed some of the marijuana […]