Teachers: Not In Our Joint

The education system in England seems a bit more skeptical of climbing in bed with the drug warriors based on some of these reactions in Monday’s Sun:

RADICAL plans for random drug-testing in schools triggered a furious backlash from teachers last night.

Premier Tony Blair has urged heads to put pupils through urine tests and to allow sniffer dogs to patrol corridors.

But teachers’ leaders believe the controversial move is doomed to fail.æ They said staff should not be saddled with the task of rooting out drug takers.æ And they fear it could lead to teachers being sued by parents over human rights abuses.

Meanwhile experts warned testing could backfire — by driving drug use among youngsters underground.

But while the teachers in England have some sense, The Sun has shown its stupidity by actually believing the lies of our drug warriors:

Figures from America show testing there has dramatically slashed drug abuse by pupils.

President Bush claimed drug users had been cut by 400,000 in a pilot scheme across 1,000 schools.

Oh, give me a break. Considering the only reputable study has actually shown no difference between those who tested and those who don’t, I have no clue where The Sun, or John Walters’ boss, got those completely fabricated numbers.

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