Assistant principal admits planting marijuana in student’s locker

From today’s Herald Palladium in Michigan.

SOUTH HAVEN — Facing a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, South Haven High School’s assistant principal, Pat Conroy, resigned Friday, Schools Superintendent Dave Myers said…

In his police report, South Haven Deputy Police Chief Tom Martin said Conroy told him that last year he placed some of the marijuana from his office in the locker of a male high school student he strongly suspected was a drug dealer. He said he was hoping the drugs would be found during a police dog search of the school and would lead to the boy’s expulsion.

The plan didn’t work, because the drug dog did not pick up the scent of the marijuana during the search, Conroy told police.

What are we doing to kids today? I remember High School. It included having some very traumatic growing pains and socializing issues that felt like the end of the world. And yet, I didn’t have to pee in a cup, or have lock downs while dogs sniffed my book bag, or have an Assistant Principal frame me for drugs. I seem to remember having an asshole Assistant Principal (I think that was in the job description), but I never worried about this.
So, Mr. Drug Czar, what message are we sending to our kids?
This drug war is obscene.

[Thanks to the amazing Elmer Elevator for the tip.]

Update: More on the story in the comments.

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