Chicago Trib tells Drug Czar’s pet “doctor” that the public knows better

Earlier this week, Andrea Barthwell of the Drug Czar’s office had an OpEd piece in the Chicago Tribune attacking medical marijuana that I fairly thoroughly attacked here.
It turns out that, while the Tribune is willing to let Andrea spout off on their pages, they apparently are not taken in by her propaganda. In an editorial today, they made the point very clear.

Different people respond differently to the same treatments, which is why treatment decisions are better made in doctors’ offices than in police stations. …æ

On this, the public appears to be way ahead of the legislators.æ A 1998 poll by the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University found 67 percent of Illinois residents believe “doctors should be allowed to prescribe small amounts of marijuana for patients.” …

Americans have taken a nuanced approach, according to polls.æ Most support legalizing marijuana for the ill, but not for other use.æ With that, the public shows admirable thoughtfulness on this issue.æ So should legislators.

To add insult to their failure to toe the Drug Czar’s line, the Trib also printed a long letter (right next to the editorial), which responded to Barthwell’s OpEd.
This, along with the earlier Sun Times piece, now means that both major Chicago newspapers have endorsed medical marijuana in Illinois!
Hat tip to Richard Lake and the always incredibly useful Media Awareness Project.

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