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February 2004



The Idiocy that is Istook

Jacob Sullum at Reason has a great article about the ACLU lawsuit against the feds.

Istook’s willingness to so blatantly violate the First Amendment plays into the hands of his opponents, who portray it as a sign of the drug warriors’ intellectual bankruptcy and political desperation. “The message that marijuana prohibition has failed is […]

John Hirko – is justice near?

The federal civil lawsuit regarding the death of Drug War Victim John Hirko is wrapping up. Earlier coverage is here. The Morning Call has been covering the story:

The case is likely to go to the jury for deliberations today after U.S. District Judge James Knoll Gardner finishes explaining the relevant laws to the […]

Federal Government sued by ACLU, Marijuana Policy Project, Change the Climate and Drug Policy Alliance

A couple of months ago, I discussed the idiotic and constitutionally challenged Oklahoma Representative Ernest Istook who didn’t like the fact that Change the Climate was running ads on the Metro calling for the legalization of marijuana. So he pushed for a last-minute provision on the omnibus spending bill that would prevent any transit […]

More lies from Deputy Czar Andrea.

Via Vice Squad: Andrea Barthwell is at it again in this OpEd in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune. Andrea is one of our Drug Czar’s Deputy Directors. Naturally, shortly after a medical marijuana bill is introduced in the state legislature, the feds have to step in and try to apply some pressure — as usual by […]

Odds and Ends

“bullet” LastOneSpeaks points us to the transcript of an incredible speech on the floor of the House this week by Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, regarding the DEA’s meddling with pain management.

Finally, I wish to express my hope that Mr. Limbaugh’s case will encourage his many fans and listeners to consider how their support […]

Reminder: Drug WarRant supports Kucinich for the Democratic Nomination

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Drug war money corrupts, and some Utah police want their share again

Nationally, asset forfeiture laws, in conjunction with the drug war, have been extremely profitable to law enforcement, to the extent that many units depend on a certain level of seizures to achieve their annual budgetary goals.
This means that law enforcement is sometimes put in the position of making decisions based on profit motive, rather than protecting and serving.
In Utah, citizens decided through initiative B (AKA the UFPA, and supported by 70% of the voters) that this was a conflict of interest. According to Deseret Morning News:

Before UFPA, forfeiture proceeds went back to police departments to fund equipment, training and other costs. Since the measure, that money was redirected through the state treasurer’s office for deposit in the Uniform School Fund.
Very little money has actually come to the state, however, because law enforcement either halted it or partnered with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration for federal investigation and prosecution.

So law enforcement basically responded to the citizens with “If we can’t have it, we’re not going to let education have it either.”
Well now Senator Chris Buttars has introduced SB175, a bill to reverse many of the initiative provisions and put profits back in the hands of law enforcement.

Canada blasted for believing its citizens are free

A U.S. report that has been hitting Canadian media sites in the past two hours says that Canada is too terrorist friendly. A serious charge, but let’s take a closer look at it. First, the report (titled Nations Hospitable to Organized Crime and Terrorism (pdf) and completed in October) is prepared by the Library […]

Your tax dollars at work

TalkLeft reports that the cost of prosecuting Tommy Chong for making bongs was $12 million. This comes by way of Chong’s attorney who got the information from the government prosecutors. It’s outrageous, but not particularly surprising. The amount of tax money that’s thrown away in this drug war would probably be enough to end […]

Canadian Decrim Bill Reintroduced

The Canadian federal government reintroduced a marijuana decriminalization bill on Thursday. The text of the bill is here. The bill provides for fines if the amount of marijuana is 15 grams or less (and smaller fine for 1 gram or less). Possession of up to 3 plants would also be handled through fines. Anything […]