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March 2004



Affidavit for a Search Warrant

The Smoking Gun has the actual affidavit for the warrant to search the Dagy family residence based on their electrical usage (see my earlier story). It’s an amusing read, particularly when you already know how wrong they were.

[Thanks to Patrick]

You have the right to remain… dead

Michael Newby, a 19-year-old black teenager, was fatally shot 3 times in the back by a white officer. A grand jury has indicted the officer, McKenzie Mattingly, on murder and wanton endangerment charges. Now, three months after the shooting, Louisville police have charged the dead teenager with drug and weapons offences. Now I don’t […]

The Federal Medical Marijuana program

With all the demonization of medical marijuana by the federal government, it’s important to remember now and then that the feds have been growing marijuana, rolling and packaging marijuana cigarettes, and supplying canisters of this medical marijuana to patients since the mid-1970s. It was part of the “compassionate use” program. Unfortunately it’s been discontinued […]

Cost of a pound of pot

Vietnam Veteran Douglas Lamar Gray had a roofing business in Moulton, a wife and a son. In 1989, he bought $900 worth of marijuana in a motel room..

Until then, the longest Gray had been locked up was a few months for a burglary in his teens, then two more burglaries in his early […]

Don’t forget to turn out the lights.

Via Three Sheets to the Wind comes one of those amusing human interest stories that’s also a whole lot more:

CARLSBAD, Calif. – When police noticed Dina Dagy’s family was spending $250 to $300 a month on electricity, they suspected a marijuana farm was flourishing under high-intensity lights inside their suburban home.

What they […]

Former U.S. Surgeon General on Medical Marijuana

Joycelyn Elders: Myths about medical marijuana in Friday’s Providence Journal. What an amazing piece by Elders. Dr. Andrea Barthwell (Drug Czar wench) – are you reading this? Here’s a medical professional with integrity who is willing to look at the facts.

THE RHODE ISLAND General Assembly is now considering legislation to permit the medical […]

Weekend Reading

“bullet” The Road to Hell. Disturbing news via TalkLeft. If you live in Louisiana, Texas, or Mississippi, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has just taken away some of your constitutional rights.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that police do not need an arrest or search warrant to conduct a swift […]

Drug Testing in Schools – Pros, Cons and Lawsuits

The discussions of drug testing in schools are going to heat up even more as time goes on. With Bush promising millions in tax dollars, and the Drug Czar pulling out all the stops (and the lies) to promote this, you’re going to be hearing a lot more. And it’s going to take a […]

Drug Czar’s efforts on prescription drugs

Mark Kleiman comments on the White House plan to make the abuse of diverted pharmaceuticals a major target for drug enforcement.

Actually, this looks like a good move to me….

There are some complicated issues around doctor-shopping and script-kiting, which are the other major sources of diverted pills. The trick is to make life […]

Michele Leonhart confirmed to DEA despite disdain for truth

Here’s a little item I missed. Michele Leonhart was quietly confirmed as Deputy Administrator of the DEA earlier this month (see my article DEA Bad Girl Michele Leonhart for background on her.) There’s a lot about her there, but here’s the kicker. When talking about a snitch who put a lot of people behind […]